A is for automation

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Automation is available in many forms and tools that we can either purchase a solution to add, complement or replace an existing one, or create our own. As the world moves towards the “World as Code”- the manual tasks of today should be the automated tasks of tomorrow, achieved using tools that interface with systems using API’s and commands that join them together to carry out tasks, with the ability to control everything by means of code. We have more control over what we can automate, starting with the repetitive tasks before moving onto more complex tasks.

The LEF’s Lewis Richards discusses “How Will Automation Change Us and Businesses?” in one of his latest videos and using tools such as IFTTT or Zapier to start your journey to automation. IFTTT has over 430 service API’s that you can link into.

Using these tools, you can create simple automation linking services together with APIs and a user interface to set certain conditions, such as “Automating leaving a geolocation area.“ APIs are a growing area within services and applications with more being made available to allow better integration and automation. Normally 3rd party applications take advantage of these APIs to provide additional services on top and compliment existing platforms. With the growth of the “Citizen Developer”, a user who can create simple code to perform functions, these APIs are now being used in a wider context to automate things. Anyone can become a Citizen Developer and start to code and interact, join systems together.

You have probably been doing this already with tools such as Excel, Access and Word. If you want to start discovering automation start with tools such as:

Join me next time as I tackle “B is for Blockchain” in my Digital A-Z series.

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