Five fewer excuses for not being social

In today’s digital age, the world runs on two things: caffeine and social media. With the power of influence measured by the number of followers or connections, each of us strives to build our personal brand online while increasing our outreach on the internet.

For the individual, most lack a team of experts to manage our social media accounts, post at all hours of the day and crunch the numbers. If you follow conventional wisdom, you probably have a LinkedIn profile, a Twitter, an Instagram and some form of Google something.

How, you might ask, are you expected to keep posting after bedtime to reach your global connections in different time zones? What about that small requirement of having fresh and new ideas at all times as bait? From a social media intern, here are five fewer excuses for not being social.

Hootsuite – by Hootsuite Media Inc. (Free)

With a robust in-app editing tool powered by Hootsuite Enhance, and the ability to simultaneously manage multiple profiles, Hootsuite is my top choice as the perfect platform to improve your social presence. The photo editor is fantastic — 35 filters, location tagging, with a multitude of stickers, crop options and text overlays. With these features, you can edit in real time.

Outside of the editing feature, Hootsuite can schedule, monitor and analyze your profiles while you’re sleeping. Just schedule and go. A lower menu also features a search button that allows for in-app access to the search bar of each social media site connected, a calendar of scheduled posts, a publishing tab and thorough customization settings. While it takes a moment to get acclimated to the layout, this app has everything you need.

Buffer – by Buffer, Inc. (Free)

Buffer is another multi-profile management application that allows you to decide how many times a day you would like to share content. Although sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ are yet to be supported (some of which are essential to having a strong social presence), the saving graces include scheduling your shares, changing specific settings, viewing post analytics and (for a $9.99/month fee) an upgrade to allow your favorite blogs to feed into a “Content Inbox” to collaborate with team members with Buffer for Business.

Flipboard – by Flipboard, Inc.

While managing your media is one challenge, having actual content is another. This social news app allows its users to curate from a surprising number of customizable channels, and share articles and multimedia on their LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Facebook and other accounts. The Apple Store writes that Flipboard “organizes the world’s stories in all one place,” and I couldn’t agree more.

Though it doesn’t allow you to schedule content posts in the app, you can easily solve this by connecting a social media management platform such as Hootsuite. My favorite aspects include the aesthetically pleasing layout, encouragingly provoking “What’s your passion?” at the top of the page, and the ease of sharing pieces onto a multitude of connectable social media platforms.

Bear – by Shiny Frog (Free)

For the modernist and minimalist seeking a note-taking machineBear is an elegantly designed note taking application that fits the bill. It’s a great place to capture potential posts and keywords in real time during a brainstorming session. You can even organize your notes by hashtag, link them to other notes for convenience and connection, collaborate with others and customize the user interface (with Pro).

Bear offers various font styles, word count tools (great for Twitter’s 140-character limit), note pinning to the top of your list for quick access, cloud integration with Apple’s CloudKit so you can edit your notes on any device, and an export feature with a multitude of formats including pdf, html, jpg and others, to name a few.

This might seem like just another note taking app, but it’s critical for planning social media posting. Remember, nothing on the internet can be deleted.

Enhance – by Hootsuite Media, Inc. (Free)

Enhance, in integration with Hootsuite, boasts a never-ending stock image library, extensive editing platform and an integrated sharing feature that allows you to tweet and post content. As a social media manager, it’s key to have a library of usable photos that are free and unrestricted. The most popular feature of the app is the library, filled with free-to-use photos and a search bar that can conjure exactly what you are looking for.

I searched a few key terms such as “technology” and “digitalization” and found high-quality options. Every photo can be edited, with options to format for compatibility on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and a few others. Just like Hootsuite (the scheduler mentioned above), there are over 30 filters, plus the ability to adjust and to add artwork overlay and text. While it’s not Photoshop, the library is extensive and the app itself is more than adequate.

This list is just a mere suggestion, but getting online and being social is a requirement. The multitude of social media sites across the internet allows for the entire world to be accessible to anyone. Take this opportunity to get connected, increase your outreach and expand your network using some of these tools.

As digital transformation continues to speed up, you don’t want to get left behind. The future is coming, and the recommended weapon of choice is a social media management app.

Melissa Hadley is a summer intern working with the Brand Demand and Social Media team at DXC’s Tysons Corner location. Melissa is an upcoming junior at James Madison University, majoring in Marketing. Connect with her on LinkedIn.



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  1. […] Five fewer excuses for not being social […]

  2. […] Five fewer excuses for not being social […]

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