Adapting to change: A returning intern post merger


As a second year Inside Sales intern, I had the privilege to be a part of CSC last summer and was given the opportunity to return as a part of DXC Technology. I’ve learned a lot throughout my time here and have worked on a vast array of different projects.

What really makes the experience great is the people working here. Everyone is willing to help and always encourages my colleagues and me to seek them out and ask questions. The Inside Sales team works hard and is very adaptable, which I have found to be a very important quality in an ever-changing workplace. As a result of the merger, there is a lot of change in the work environment and the employees have done a great job of adjusting and helping the interns get integrated into the system.  

At the beginning of my internship here at DXC, I didn’t know what to expect. This was a new company, and I was interested to see what had changed. Sharon Altman, Jonee Love and Ari Devin did a great job helping all the interns get comfortable, and made it an easy transition with the orientation program. They covered a lot of the systems we would be using daily, as well as clearly laid out the ideals of the company. One thing that stood out to me, specifically, was the presentation on the CLEAR values of DXC.

Let’s be CLEAR

CLEAR is an acronym that stands for Client-focused, Leadership, Execution Excellence, Aspiration and Results. These are the pillars the company deems most important to being successful, and I have seen these pillars in action in many ways throughout the company. The employees do a great job of upholding what the company stands for and are great examples to the interns.

After orientation, all the interns went to their respective segments of the company. As an Inside Sales intern this summer, it has been a great experience. To begin our internship, every intern was assigned an industry to do a presentation on, such as banking or healthcare and life sciences. Ted Corbeill, Kyle Brand and John Hoysgaard laid out a clear plan for the summer and helped us understand what the end goal was after our presentations.

The presentations were meant to give us a baseline of knowledge in our industry, so we could start a campaign within that industry by the end of the summer. We were also assigned a person to shadow in the company as an additional point of contact to help us along. We sit in on calls with our sponsor and assist them in any way we can around the office. It helps to have someone who works here full time and knows how everything works. My sponsor is Brittany Dorsey, and she has been very helpful in teaching me how the company operates and answering questions I may have. Having a go-to person in the company has been valuable and helped me learn a lot.

Along with working on our campaigns, we have also worked on projects in many different industries as a group, including aerospace and defense, cyber security, and health and life sciences. All the Inside Sales interns assisted Ethan Packard from the Sales team in creating call scripts and sample e-mails for prospective clients regarding an offering called Strikeforce. Strikeforce is a service that tests the security of a company by staging a breach and seeing how the company’s systems hold up. It basically attempts to hack the company and shows where there may be risks and room for improvement. This project helped me learn a lot about the offering as well as different ways to reach out to clients.

Creating a campaign

Thomas Gill and I are the two interns working in the health and life sciences industry. Currently, we are working on creating a business process service (BPS) campaign. Working on our own campaign has helped us see all the working parts that go into creating an opportunity. My role involves working closely with people from all over the company to make sure it all goes smoothly.

The most interesting part is seeing all the analytics that go into making everything about our campaign customer-friendly while also representing one of our core values: being client-focused. It is amazing to see what we can track and how little changes can have big impacts in generating interest from our customers. It has been great to work with the team, and John Hoysgaard has been very helpful by answering questions and being open and available. I’m very excited to see where this campaign leads us.

Thrive on change

The main takeaway I have gotten from this experience is learning to welcome change and be adaptable. All the employees preach that message, and I’ve found it to be very helpful. People are going to want you to do things a different way or new management may come in and change things around, but a very important part of being successful is finding ways to thrive no matter what the situation. I have had a great experience here and learned a lot about the corporate world — that knowledge is invaluable.

TJ Duckett is a summer intern working with the Sales team at DXC Technology’s Tysons Corner location. TJ is an upcoming senior at Case Western Reserve University, majoring in Business Management. Connect with him on LinkedIn.



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  1. […] Adapting to change: A returning intern post merger […]

  2. […] Adapting to change: A returning intern post merger […]

  3. […] Adapting to change: A returning intern post merger […]

  4. […] Adapting to change: A returning intern post merger […]

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