DXC and ServiceNow partnership: A win-win-win


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

That famous quote from Helen Keller has been running through my mind lately as I’ve reflected on the partnership between DXC Technology and ServiceNow.

What started as a regional relationship between Fruition Partners (now a DXC company) and ServiceNow, the leading platform for service delivery, has matured over the years to become a truly global partnership benefiting both companies and our clients. DXC is one of just five ServiceNow global strategic partners. ServiceNow is a DXC strategic partner.

The benefits of our relationship were on display at the ServiceNow PartnerNow Summit at ServiceNow’s annual conference, Knowledge17. At the summit, ServiceNow presented DXC with two awards:

  • Highest number of new customers for a global sales partner. This was the first time DXC had been recognized as the global sales leader for ServiceNow
  • Highest number of deployments for a global services partner. This is the second time we have been recognized as the global services leader for ServiceNow

In addition, in March we received the Top EMEA reseller award for a regional sales partner.

We were thrilled to receive these honors and have our work as a leader in the ServiceNow partner ecosystem acknowledged. We are advancing our plans to migrate our customers to ServiceNow.  In addition, we practice what we preach, as we (DXC) are one of ServiceNow’s largest global customers.

“Working with DXC enables us to bring service delivery transformation to clients globally.  We work side-by-side with DXC to deliver new ways of working, not just new software, that results in better business outcomes for our customers,” said Bailey Stone, director of global strategic alliances at ServiceNow.

New offerings to launch

We’re even more excited by what’s surely on the horizon for the partnership:

  • Advancing our ServiceNow Run offering, which helps customers better manage their ServiceNow instances, enabling full platform expansion
  • Introducing customers to our Service Integration and Management (SIAM), AWS and Azure managed services offerings, which are fully integrated with ServiceNow
  • Building next-gen offerings, particularly industry-focused offerings, on the ServiceNow platform to facilitate our customers’ digital transformations
  • Adding enhancements to our Integrated Security Operations (iSecOps) managed security product that runs on the ServiceNow platform

Driving digital transformation together

Our strong partnership is driving growth, with our newest and largest-ever ServiceNow client implementation closing recently. Together with the ServiceNow Alliance organization, we provided the customer with licensing and a phase 1 implementation in a bundled offering. This transformation will move over 200,000 employees from a legacy on-premise solution to ServiceNow’s platform in the cloud.  In addition, this initial project will enable 10,000 technology employees to deliver services to customers through a polished self-service portal and mobile interface.

ServiceNow is a core platform to drive innovation across the enterprise and provides cloud services for IT, security, customer service, HR and building business applications. By partnering with ServiceNow, we can bring new opportunities to our clients to improve their offerings and abilities. That’s a win-win-win.

Sean Barrins serves as the global partner executive, DXC Technology Partner Network, responsible for the strategic relationship with ServiceNow. He focuses across all build, sell and deliver functions in DXC to ensure DXC remains the largest ServiceNow integrator globally. Sean has held various professional services leadership roles at Fruition Partners (now a DXC company), opening new regions and overseeing sales, delivery and operations.


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