DXC Cares: DXC Vietnam visits disadvantaged children on Children’s Day 2017

Continuing our sharing of DXC Cares stories, this one is about helping disadvantaged children in Vietnam. Read this inspirational story from Trinh Dang, one of the volunteers.

On International Children’s Day of Vietnam, June 1, 2017, DXC Vietnam employees visited the children currently being raised at Hung Phuoc Pagoda in Ben Tre (about 120 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City). The Hung Phuoc Center is a shelter that currently cares for 80 children, providing food and schooling.

When we arrived, we were greeted cheerfully by all of the lovely children, the head of the center, Hue Khiet, and several volunteers. They all looked so happy when we arrived, and they gave us a hand bringing the daily supplies into the center.

We distributed gifts, stationery and daily supplies to help the children at the center. In addition, we presented awards to 13 pupils who had achieved excellent results throughout their 2017 school year. We also presented a monetary donation to Ms. Khiet to help cover education expenses for the children and other necessary fees at the center.

We played with the children, making sand-painted crafts and coloring toy statues, and we encouraged the children to finish their projects. The joy and happiness expressed by the children during their play time was simply indescribable. Just observing their skills made us feel happy; we wanted to spend as much time with them as possible.

Sharing and caring

It was also touching to see the children learning from the volunteers. The children are so lovely and on their best behavior as they follow the instructions of the volunteers, who are former teachers. Ms. Khiet also teaches the children how to embrace life and tạke care of each other by sharing with those who are in more difficult situations.

Visiting the shelter was a life-changing experience. It taught us how to really appreciate the little things in life and know how blessed we are. The experience gives you confidence to overcome any insignificant or materialistic problem and appreciate the bigger picture.

Ms. Khiet sincerely expressed her gratefulness for our contribution and our visit. We are touched by her devotion and all the volunteers who lead and take good care of those children while guiding them to become good people with bright futures.

The charity fund was raised by DXC Vietnam employees with the goal of supporting a number of orphaned children in Vietnam. Through this meaningful event, we continue to support disadvantaged children and give back to the community. This work is ongoing; we will organize more charity programs in the future.

DXC Cares recognizes our employee volunteers. Every day, DXC employees volunteer their time to make a difference in people’s lives. Check out more DXC Cares stories on Facebook.


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  1. […] DXC Cares: DXC Vietnam visits disadvantaged children on Children’s Day 2017 […]

  2. […] DXC Cares: DXC Vietnam visits disadvantaged children on Children’s Day 2017 […]

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