ServiceNow Jakarta: 10 features we are excited about

This blog was originally published by Fruition Partners. Since then, Fruition Partners has become the ServiceNow practice within DXC Technology.

ServiceNow released the newest installment “Jakarta” on July 19, 2017. ServiceNow aptly named this release after Jakarta, Indonesia; known for its rich diversity in communities and cultures while being uniquely located on a breath-taking archipelago. ServiceNow is improving online communities much like Jakarta does in its great metropolis melting pot. Bringing technology and community together to create a world of possibilities for organizations to grow and prosper together. Here are our Top Ten new or enhanced features to inspire your organization to become a melting pot of success.

1. Software Asset Management (SAM)
This new application is an end-to-end SAM product related to the IT Business Management (ITBM), IT Operations Management (ITOM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) modules. The goal of SAM is to understand the software catalog to optimize software and ensure compliance to reduce penalties during a vendor audit. SAM enables organizations to normalize software, reclaim unused licenses, and detect trends in software usage to reduce waste from unused software.

Organizations can leverage ServiceNow’s suite of applications such as ITOM Discovery, CMDB, and Application Portfolio Management (APM) to locate, categorize, and rate software.


2. ServiceNow Express

The Express platform will be migrated to the core ServiceNow platform. Customers will no longer be required to go through a conversion when they want to transition to the core ServiceNow platform. In Jakarta, customers will have access to the entire ServiceNow suite and store.
Once Express users are on the core ServiceNow platform they will be able to take advantage of all its features including HR, ITOM, ITBM, Performance Analytics and more.


3. Predictive Alerts
This exciting service uses machine learning, root cause analysis, and an algorithmic intelligence engine that identifies potential issues and alerts IT Operations to act. Predictive Alerts consider historical impact of past events to predict future events. A confidence rating accompanies each prediction, so IT Operations can take appropriate action before the event becomes an incident. The system does not stop its prediction cycle; it continually takes in changes to the environment to provide real-time predictions.

Additionally, ServiceNow has designed the Predictive Alerts to use a schema free API making it easier to integrate. The end result is an automated and predictive tool that eliminates service outages and is simple to install.

Predicitive Alerts

4. Trusted Security Circle
Trusted Security Circle enhances incident response, vulnerability response and threat intelligence applications in IT Security Operations. This module provides a secured and scalable location for information to be shared between customers, suppliers and peers, resulting in more effective troubleshooting efforts

Organizations control the information to share.. Profiles are used to select criteria to submit anonymous information to the secured circle. An organization can have multiple profiles across different security circles. Furthermore, all information shared has one or more observables of the customers and an indication in the customer’s environment of why the information was shared.

4- Trusted Security Circle

5. Vendor Risk Management
The new Vendor Risk Management application manages stakeholder relations, cross functional process and risk through the vendor lifecycle. Vendor Risk Management continuously monitors, detects, assesses, mitigates and remediates risks in the vendor environment. This allows vendor management to effectively align with the organization’s enterprise risk management and vendor management security. Vendor scoring uses the GRC in real-time with assessment and external third party risk scores.

Subsequently, managing risks within a single system accelerates decision-making as organizations are able to asses and mitigate risks without the delays of system to system communication.

Vendor Risk Management

6. Communities
Customers regularly go online to find solutions or discuss success or failure of products and/or services. Propsective customers go online to research product services. To support this communal activity ServiceNow is launching ServiceNow Communities. The release will be tightly related to Knowledge Management and Customer Service Portal. The new Communities will have the following features:

  • Forums – Organizations will be able to manage user participation
  • Topics – Curated areas of interests in forums
  • Gamification – Giving points and credit to responding users
  • Content types:
    • Questions
    • Blogs
    • Videos


7. Field Service Management
A successful Field Service Management program requires a heavy investment in scheduling, prioritization,and documentation. The new features of ServiceNow’s Field Service Management application address these challenges by using the following features:

  • Team Calendar – Allows the manager to see team members’ planned activities
  • Dynamic Scheduling – Optimizes assignments within time windows, minimizes travel time, allows multi-agent task assignments, task prioritization, and automated task re-assignment
  • Questionnaires – Collects information to assist technicians in following procedures or performing tasks

7 Field Service Management

Additionally, Questionnaires are designed for mobile devices which simplify data collection. The new features in Field Service Management help to resolve issues faster by optimizing the schedules of technicians and simplifying data collection.

8. Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions
Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions is a much anticipated application, which enables a new hire to work from Day One. This application makes it easy to automate and streamline onboarding and other lifecycle events. HR needs the ability to request and track activities which are fulfilled by departments across the organization. This application supports any transitional event for staffing including: onboarding, off boarding, leave of absence, requests and transfers out of the box (OOTB). The OOTB functionality is easily adjusted to fit an organization’s HR processes.

Enterprise Onboarding

Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions bring all department’s activities together to ensure everyone is working together to provide a great customer experience.

9. Performance Analytics
Performance Analytics has several new or updated features to provide better decision-making:

  • Advanced Forecasting  – Advanced forecasting allows the organization to make decisions with predictive trending based on real-time, adaptive, machine learning algorithms. Additionally, the organization can set personalized forecast lines to identify trends.

9 Performance Analytics

  • Interactive Analysis  – Get instant insight with dynamic visualization delivered on any list or score. This enables the organization to move quickly on data available at a glance. Data is real-time meaning it is ready to act upon.

9 PA 2

  • Spreadsheet Imports – This new feature provides organizations with the ability to easily import into ServiceNow to compare data from a variety of sources.
  • Report Designing – The new Report Designer gives novice users the ability to build meaningful reports. Report Designer guides the user through a stepwise process to createa report.. As the report is built, the user is able to manually modify the report if needed to.

Performance Analytics

10. Now Platform
ServiceNow has changed the name of their platform in Jakarta from the ServiceNow platform to the Now platform. There are a couple of new applications which will help users and administrators in the Now platform. The Guided Tour Designer  is available throughout the platform which allows the administrator to create guided tours in the embedded help. This will help users understand application requirements. The Guided Tour Designer will speed the end-user to productivity and reduce help desk calls.

10 Now Platform

The Instance Security Dashboard will speed security remediation for your ServiceNow instance. Administrators have a single view of their security operations audit. It provides a guided experience to configure and secure an instance. The Instance Security Dashboard provides a single view of their compliance status to provide awareness and maintain the organizations application security standards.

10 Now Platform 2

Now that you are inspired to build your own melting pot, we will be happy to assist you. Contact us for assistance in either upgrading to Jakarta or implementing some of the features introduced. We are excited to support your ServiceNow undertakings to gain success to your organization, community and stakeholders.

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