Pushing the boundaries of success in aerospace and defense


When I first arrived at DXC Technology, I had no comprehension of the size and magnitude of the company and all the different sectors that we had a hand in. With no exposure to many of the sectors, I soon found myself tasked with engrossing myself in the aerospace and defense industry. On the surface, I thought I knew what the industry entailed, but after being exposed to it, I realized that I knew very little. From a learning perspective, my interest in aviation is what has led me to focus my time and efforts on our aerospace and defense offerings.

One of the major challenges facing the industry is what we call the data deficit. This deficit stems from procurement data that is often poorly organized, inappropriately categorized and difficult to access, which ultimately interrupts how business decisions are made.

One project I am involved with relates to the way companies are using spend data to drive business advantages. My role has been to reach out to current and potential clients to set up meetings with our partner, Spikes Cavell, to demonstrate how they can leverage this data to make important business decisions.

Be prepared

Another project I am working on focuses on security. In recent weeks, there have been widespread security threats that have crippled many businesses, some even clients of DXC. These threats are very real in the aerospace industry, which is vulnerable to attacks. One lesson that they don’t teach in school is how to respond to crises. Understandably so, every incident does not have set guidelines on how to respond; rather, decisions are made using prior knowledge and experience.

In order to combat these sorts of attacks, one must be prepared and have a plan in place for if they were to occur. Currently, we are ramping up our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) campaign in the wake of these recent attacks to help businesses secure their assets. It is essential for businesses to not only be prepared for such attacks but also be able to maintain normal business and ensure their clients that they have nothing to fear.

As I reflect on my experience at DXC, I am thankful for the opportunity to explore an industry that I have long been fascinated with but never knew what it entailed. The invaluable experience and exposure have strengthened my interest in aviation. The resources that DXC has to offer will help push aerospace and defense to be better than ever and will push the boundaries of success.

Cory CallanCory Callan is a summer intern working with the Sales team at DXC Technology’s Tysons Corner location. Cory is an upcoming senior, graduating in December from James Madison University. He is majoring in business management, with a concentration in innovation and entrepreneurship. Connect with him on LinkedIn.



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