DXC Cares: Promoting digital literacy among India’s youth

India youth

People say, “Our children are our future.” But for our children to become our future, it’s important that they have the tools they need to shape it. One of the many tools children need is digital literacy.

We saw a need to create digital self-sufficiency among Indian government school students and prepare them for formal job opportunities. These students lack access to formal education and quality teachers for learning about computer science. So what did we do? We set out to promote digital literacy among some 1,050 students.

Labs for learning

DXC India employees worked together to set up computer labs at government schools in Noida to make computer education available. Employees acted as mentors to the children and assisted in teaching, guiding and counseling the children, as well as reviewing their performance. We used periodic tests and interactive sessions to raise the children’s interest and skills in computer education.

DXC is strongly committed to digital transformation – not only for our customers but also for those in need through our Corporate Responsibility (CR) program. To me, this is the true testimony of our digital transformation. I feel very proud and motivated to have the opportunity through DXC CR to share small acts of kindness that make me feel worthwhile.

Mighty mentoring

Through periodic workshops and sessions, mentors created and shared growth charts, challenges, problems and key learnings of the children. Mentors met with teachers, parents and peers to encourage a group understanding of each child’s growth in digital literacy.

Interactive sessions allowed the mentors and children to discuss common issues the students had and possible solutions. This engagement helped bring all minds to bear to address issues, and helped the students put their best foot forward as they prepare for the workforce.

The projected outcomes — addressing the lack of youth technical skills, introducing a system of online learning that can address the students’ social and economic concerns, and identifying areas where computers can be used to enhance living – were all accomplished.

A better tomorrow

We’re here today, we’ve seen yesterday, and we look forward to a better tomorrow. Our better tomorrow lies with our youth today. The bigger the investment today, the better the return tomorrow. Therefore, it is very important that we be the change today, that we invest and enable the youth for the change we want to see tomorrow.

Volunteering in the youth community is important. Education is important. Making sure our youth have everything they need, to be all that they can be, is important. After all, our children are our future.

Lydia Touthang is part of the India Business Relationship Management team, managing client visits at our India Noida Center. Dedication, sincerity, humility and excellence are the values she lives by. For Lydia, giving back is extremely fulfilling. She is also an active member of DXC’s Women in Leadership program.

DXC Cares recognizes our employee volunteers. Every day, DXC employees volunteer their time to make a difference in people’s lives. Check out more DXC Cares stories on Facebook.


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  1. Currently, the education system is based on Quantity (scoring marks). It is the only criteria schools teach students and in the process, Quality (Learning) is ignored completely.


  1. […] DXC Cares: Promoting digital literacy among India’s youth […]

  2. […] DXC Cares: Promoting digital literacy among India’s youth […]

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