In search of career interests: intern diversifies experience

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I began working at DXC Technology as a member of the inside sales team at the beginning of June and over the past weeks, I have met many amazing individuals and have learned about the nuances of sales. These two factors have been the highlight of my internship.

As a member of the inside sales team, I relish the comradery of working with my peers and my superiors. I would have never imagined how tight-knit my team has become with all our inside-jokes and hilarious stories. Working with my team has made work fun and productive. Some of the best times are when we share meals together, attend social gatherings, and call prospects. We laugh at each other’s mistakes and quirks and just enjoy the moment. My DXC internship has been full of fun, but also busy with work.

In the last two months, I have worked on numerous sales campaigns. My first campaign involved promoting one of DXC’s security services. The process began with in-depth research of the product and then an email script. After sending out an email blast, prospect calls began. This process is repeatable for other products as well. Besides working sales campaigns, this summer I performed plenty of data analysis. I gathered data on companies’ trends and pain points. This research was used to help DXC formulate a plan to address the needs of the companies. Perhaps the most exciting part of the internship was working with a Territory Sales Specialist. I analyzed an RFP and researched our competitor’s offerings in the space. All this work was done in preparation for a potential bid.

My summer at DXC Technology has been an experiment of sorts as I search for career interests. I am a rising junior at Boston College working towards a History degree. As it currently stands, I am unsure where my interests lie, but I want to experience and try as many new things as possible. Being a sales intern was enlightening because it is opposite of what I study at school. Learning about the offerings and learning the jargon of an IT company was difficult at first but it was rewarding to develop a deeper understanding of an industry of which I previously had very little knowledge. This internship has helped me develop my soft skills and helped diversify my experience.

Felix Lee

Felix Lee is a summer intern working with the Sales team at DXC Technology’s Tysons Corner location. Felix is an upcoming junior at Boston College, majoring in history. Connect with him on LinkedIn.


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