DXC Cares: Improving digital skills for Roma women in Bulgaria

The digital skills gap is a major issue globally. Continuing our DXC Cares stories, this inspiring story is about how Madlen Chipeva and others are increasing the digital skills of Roma women in Bulgaria.

Helping those in need to develop good digital skills is increasingly important in today’s world.

As one of the largest IT services companies in Bulgaria, DXC Technology was invited to partner in the Move It Forward – Digital Capacity Forum for Female Starters in Sofia to develop digital projects with and for Roma women. The workshop, held July 8-9, brought together Roma women from all parts of Bulgaria. These women learned practical digital technology skills and presented their digital projects at the end of the event.

The Roma, or Romani, people constitute one of Bulgaria’s largest ethnic minorities who are challenged by poverty and social and cultural exclusion.

Madlen Chipeva

“Witnessing the determination, dedication, curiosity and high potential of these women was inspiring and thought-provoking,” observed Madlen Chipeva, Account Business Collaboration specialist at DXC who was a coach at the workshop. “Being part of the world’s leading independent, end-to-end IT services company, we at DXC have a social responsibility to help drive positive change in our disadvantaged communities. By sharing our knowledge and supporting NGOs and social entrepreneurs, we give power to their ideas and vision of a better future.”

Madlen represented DXC as part of a team of carefully selected coaches — women with different professional backgrounds who supported the workshop participants, guided them in identifying areas for development, and helped shape practical ideas for applying their newly acquired digital skills. See a fun short video of the workshop participants and photos from the event.

According to the event website, the Move It Forward initiative, part of the Digital Leadership Institute inQube female digital accelerator, is supported by top technology companies, women’s networks and communities, and the digital startup ecosystem. Its objective is to give beginner girls and women the skills to drive positive change and enable them to become digital entrepreneurs and leaders.

DXC Cares recognizes our employee volunteers. Every day, DXC employees volunteer their time to make a difference in people’s lives. Check out more DXC Cares stories on Facebook.


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