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Growing up, I was lucky to have had the chance to travel on several occasions. At the age of eleven, I had my first experience leaving the country when my family vacationed in Rome and explored the Greek Isles. In high school, I visited Germany, giving me the opportunity to connect with my family’s roots. And before starting at DXC Technology, I returned to Europe with my grandmother. I didn’t realize it at the time, but those trips gave me a greater appreciation for other cultures. My travels have broadened my horizons and, in a way, also effectively prepared me to work for DXC.

I didn’t know what to expect when I started at DXC, but I was certainly eager to learn. During my first week, I did just that. I learned how to navigate the parking garage, locate the life-saving coffee machine, and embrace the unexpected. For example, I did not expect to be communicating with a diverse group of people from around the world.

I work as a marketing intern in the Content Hub, a global group that creates marketing and thought leadership content for DXC. The Content Hub consists of approximately 30 members, some of whom first started working together following our recent merger. So, much of the team was acclimating to working in the Content Hub at the same time I was.

The Content Hub operates internationally. Therefore meeting as a team, in person, is essentially an impossible feat. During a conference call to promote strong coworker relationships, I learned that the team lived everywhere from various states across the U.S. to distant countries like Spain and India. I realized that, although I lived thousands of miles from most of my coworkers, I shared similarities with all of them. Our overlapping interests spanned everything from a love of The Sound of Music to cooking. Many of us even had comparable work backgrounds. Forming these connections was one of the most surprising and unifying experiences I had interning at DXC.

Connections like those between myself and my coworkers are necessary for a successful global business. Clear communication to clients and coworkers is essential to the skillful completion of any task, whether it be through email, live conversation, or via Skype. Because of my travels, I feel like I have a greater appreciation for my coworkers’ backgrounds and cultures, and can now better communicate with them more effectively.

At DXC, “Thrive on Change” is our way of saying that we aim to stay ahead of the curve. I have had the pleasure of learning to “Thrive on Change” because of my communications in the Content Hub. In the Content Hub, we use technology to collaborate, including tools such as Skype for Business, LinkedIn, Kapost, Outlook, and our content management system (CMS), to deliver creative marketing content. All members of the Content Hub have adapted to the team’s changes following the merger, using them to adhere more completely to our motto. The Content Hub thrives on change by collaborating effectively despite the distances between us.

Starting at such a unique time in DXC ’s history has been a learning experience for me. For example, I learned firsthand about the rebranding of a company by engaging in the steps of the process. While working at DXC , I’ve developed a more global perspective due to the constant communication with our international offices. I have additionally gained an appreciation for communicating globally and the necessity of embracing change to form those connections—cementing the idea that, one’s success is contingent upon learning to “Thrive on Change.”

Rachel Albrecht

Rachel Albrecht is a summer intern working with the Content Hub at DXC Technology’s Tysons Corner location. Rachel is an upcoming sophomore at Virginia Tech, majoring in marketing & entrepreneurship. Connect with her on LinkedIn.


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