An intern learns the importance of networking


Most people think that internships involve doing busy work and grabbing coffee for the office. Not at DXC Technology!

Coming into DXC as a summer intern, I was expecting to get overwhelmed with loads of information and fall behind, but that was never the case.

DXC has given me the chance to meet with experienced professionals, and teamed me up with highly motivated interns. I attended meetings that involved various campaigns from different industries, was assigned a mentor in the Banking and Capital Markets industry, and collaborated with the sales interns to assist the sales team. I got to meet other professionals who shared interesting stories about their time in the field while educating the team on situations from multiple perspectives.

Some of the projects that I was assigned involved offerings that focused on cybersecurity in the Banking and Capital Markets industry. I worked with Ethan Packard on multiple campaigns that included cyber threat assessments, StrikeForce penetration testing, and ConfidentID. These campaigns helped me grow my soft skills. For example, I was challenged to reach out to potential clients to talk to them about our offerings and create email templates to provide efficient ways to deliver details about our offerings.

Know your colleagues

If I had to choose one word that describes my experience at DXC, it would be networking. I have learned how important it is to know the people you pass by at the office, coffee machine, or even the elevators. I have learned that the key to acquiring a successful career is knowing those around you. The people who you grow connections with will have different impacts on your growth in the field. You will get to learn about their background stories and relatable situations, and will feel that you can reach out when you need help. Being introduced to many new faces at DXC has given me the comfort to speak out when I’m stuck or curious about other positions.

The open culture at DXC has given me a memorable experience. I’ve grown my network, made memories with coworkers, and most importantly, changed my work perspective. My days at DXC do not feel like a job, but more like coming together with a group of motivated individuals who strive for success.

Bhupinder Singh

Bhupinder Singh is a summer intern working with the Sales team at DXC Technology’s Tysons Corner location. Bhupinder is an upcoming senior at Virginia Commonwealth University, majoring in Information Systems. Connect with him on LinkedIn.



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