Getting TensorFlow running on a MacBook Pro

As I have been working with clients, one thing is becoming incredibly true — Machine Learning and AI are becoming prerequisite skills. Certainly modern clouds including Amazon, Azure and Google are providing GPUs or even TPUs to assist researchers, engineers and corporations in taking advantage of training and evaluation acceleration. One easy and active way to move forward is with TensorFlow, which leads me to — how do I get started?

I’m a Mac guy, just more productive here…but for whatever reason, they can be difficult with cutting edge capabilities. So here is my jump start to help you get TF running on your laptop…just to get going!

See the details in my original blog post about this.

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Dan Hushon, DXC Technology’s senior vice president and chief technology officer, drives innovation strategy and growth for the company’s solutions and ensures technology excellence. He is responsible for defining DXC’s long-term technology strategy and vision, and advocating for that vision with customers. @DanHushon



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  1. […] Getting TensorFlow running on a MacBook Pro […]

  2. […] Getting TensorFlow running on a MacBook Pro […]

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