Learning Sales Skills Through Campaign Work

As a sales intern at DXC Technology, I learned a lot of valuable skill sets, worked with a great team and prepared myself for my future endeavors. As a young professional, I did not know what to expect of a sales role within a big corporation, however my experience here answered all my questions. Sales representatives work to establish relationships with clients, old and new. The job entails a lot of communication and knowledge about what DXC does and what it offers to clients.

Over the summer, I had the privilege to create my own sales campaign with colleagues Felix Lee and Suvom Mitro. We focused on the Consumer & Retail space in part because I have a personal interest within the industry. The campaign focused on cybersecurity, especially since there have been many malware attacks on companies across the globe. We approached clients with an offering called StrikeForce Penetration testing, which is an assessment that looks for any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in an established network to prevent any intrusions that can disrupt a company.

For the sales campaign, Lee and I gathered information about the needs of potential clients and how StrikeForce Penetration Testing could benefit our targets. Next, we held mini discussions with clients and set up follow-up meetings with a cybersecurity expert.

Through the experience of creating a sales campaign, I learned the importance of skills such as organization, communication and collaboration. I had to respond to client questions, create information portfolios and work with members of the sales team to learn how to successfully navigate a campaign.

I worked with a great team who encouraged me to strive for the best. I managed to establish a bond with each person from every area of the company. DXC’s internship program allowed me to meet with high-leveled executives like Mike Lawrie and Jo Mason. Such an opportunity showed that DXC really strives to make their interns feel a part of the company. The program incorporates the idea that as interns we are the future of the company and that our ideas are valuable here.

Aashna KapoorAashna Kapoor: Goes to George Mason University; majoring in Information Systems and Operations Management; Junior; graduating in 2019. Currently an Inside Sales Intern. Connect with her on LinkedIn.





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