DXC Cares: Employees participate in the Somali Youth Outreach Program

Somali Youth Outreach Program

Continuing our DXC Cares stories, employees at DXC Technology in Denmark participated in an event aiming to inspire teenagers with Somali roots to pursue careers in IT.

DXC employees realize how important it is to expose young people to the IT field and inspire them to stay both in school and on the path to employment. That is why they recently took part in the Somali Youth Outreach Program, facilitated by AmCham, in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy and Danish Human Appeal.

The program provides the opportunity for Somali-Danish students to visit different companies, to be exposed to professional workplaces and be inspired to pursue careers in IT. The U.S. State Department in partnership with DXC Technology supports these types of local programs to motivate kids to stay in school and on the path to employment.

19 Danish students with Somali backgrounds, some coming from refugee camps and disadvantaged families, participated in the event. It brought together different parts of the organization. On stage were DXC leaders, account general managers, and a good balance of Graduate and Expert representatives. They were even joined by two retired colleagues that currently are handling the company’s historical archive.

The day began with an informal presentation about the company, which was more fun and engaging than standard corporate slides, and continued with presentations on different topics such as Supporting IT & STEM Education, IoT, Connected Cars and Telematics. Then the students had the chance to test their creativity in a real-life case study and brainstorming session on Let’s Connect, an app meant to help sick and long-hospitalized children to stay up-to-date with school topics and to keep in touch with their fellow classmates. This gave the attendees an example of how they could positively impact the world through technology. The colleagues who participated in the session shared that it was inspiring to see these young people empathizing with the client segment and generating ideas to take the app further.

The students were very excited about the cool technologies with which the company works. They were very active throughout the session, asking interesting and relevant questions. At the end of the program, our colleagues demonstrated the importance of a strong work/life balance and invited the students to the DXC Pulse area to play games and get to know each other better. We are happy to say that DXC was voted the best company to visit during the Somali Youth Program this summer, and we are looking forward to the next initiative to inspire the next generation through technology.

Ioana GheorgheIoana Gheorghe joined DXC through the Graduate Program and is proudly working in the NCE Insurance team as Sales Associate Professional. She is also an ambassador and active member of DXC Employee Engagement and University Relations Program, facilitating various events fueling the awareness of the DXC brand.






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  1. […] DXC Cares: Employees participate in the Somali Youth Outreach Program […]

  2. […] DXC Cares: Employees participate in the Somali Youth Outreach Program […]

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