Utility computing: Revealing the true cost of IT

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Consider for a moment how you consume utilities such as water or electricity. You turn on a tap or flick a switch and pay for the units you consume. You don’t need to think about where your power or water comes from. It’s just there, waiting for you to use it in unlimited supply, on demand and without fail. So why wouldn’t you pay for your computing in this way?

What is Utility Computing?


When you start to build utility computing into your enterprise, you get to see exactly how much your IT is costing you at the point of consumption.

Exposing the True Cost of IT


Utility computing not only exposes the true cost of IT. It also allows you to build much more efficient IT systems.

Efficient IT Systems of the Future

Mike Revitt was the global head of Managed Platform as a Service at DXC Technology, with an emphasis on our Oracle partnership.


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