Why digital transformation makes sense for every business

It’s time for companies to accept that digital transformation has become both mandatory and inevitable. Going digital won’t turn your business into an instant industry giant, but by embracing the digital revolution, business leaders can create new ways of connecting their people, data and processes to create value for customers. It’s a continuous cycle of opportunity.

Digital transformation varies for every organization, but it typically means embracing new digital platforms and solutions that let companies become more efficient with the resources they have. This in turn delivers more value to the business and creates more space for creativity and innovation, ultimately leading back to new opportunities for the business.

The agility gained also increases the ability of the business to more proactively adjust to competitive threats and sudden changes in market conditions or quickly adapt operations in response to unexpected events. Digital transformation delivers tangible results so businesses not only survive, but thrive.

Building on a 30-year partnership, DXC and Microsoft are leading our clients through the transition to digital. This can mean creating a more modern workplace, building solutions on an intelligent cloud or developing intelligent business applications. While each company carves a unique path, our “better together” value proposition provides our clients strategic advantages and benefits:

  • Collaboration. While the focus of collaboration technology was once device-centric, businesses that have embraced digital transformation are taking a wider view and looking to become more user-centric. The idea is to keep users engaged in a flexible manner to maximize productivity, enabling a consumer-like experience through a secure and productive enterprise. DXC’s offerings manage over 8.5 million desktops powered by Microsoft to provide a truly user-centric experience that empowers employee productivity and enhances collaboration and communication. Using cloud-based workplace technologies, users have the tools to securely work together as teams in real-time, while easily sharing and managing files and documents in ways they never thought possible.
  • Integration. Digital transformation enables a higher level of integration. DXC’s “better together” proposition ensures our business customers get the benefit of a fully integrated suite of tools and business applications across the Microsoft cloud platform. DXC integration solutions enable business users to sign in and move between email, office applications, collaboration apps and cloud-based business applications, sharing content and information across multiple devices with colleagues, and making management more simple, centralized and secure.
  • Security. Businesses that have transformed digitally are able to proactively protect their most valuable digital assets. This includes the user, the application, the data, and the secure interactions between them. Our solutions ensure secure access to mission-critical resources and applications. A secure digital environment helps proactively detect and prevent security issues, such as ransomware attacks, saving businesses countless hours and significant cost in remediation efforts. The average cost of remediating a security breach is $21K per day and the average time to remediate is 46 days – clearly a lot of time and money. Cloud-native apps are built with security in mind. They’re also are continuously modernized, making them more efficient and secure. Your security teams will now spend less time on remediation and more time on higher-level threat analysis and threat prevention.
  • 360-Degree View of Customers. Digital businesses obtain a complete view of all interactions with their customers with customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that encompass sales, marking and customer service. These businesses can obtain a 360-degree view of the customer and analyze real-time data to drive improved decision making, resulting in new business opportunities. DXC’s industry leading CRM offerings with Microsoft Dynamics 365 help customers feel valued in every interaction, whether it is an online chat, email or call.
  • Modernization. Digital organizations embrace application modernization, enjoying benefits such as rapid development and deployment, process automation, and cloud infrastructures. Digital businesses transform their legacy applications and provision modernized applications and processes in a hybrid cloud environment with a single click. Once established, modernized applications and workloads run autonomously with continuous monitoring, freeing up IT personnel to focus on higher-value tasks. DXC’s Managed Services for Microsoft Azure enable our customers to deploy modernized workloads in the Azure public cloud or leverage Azure Stack when they need to extend the deployment to an on-premise environment. Hybrid cloud deployments allow digital organizations to take advantage of the public cloud and effectively address various issues-such as latency, intermittent connectivity, or regulatory requirements-by extending to an on-premise environment.
  • Innovation.  Embracing digital transformation enables businesses to become more innovative and gain valuable insights from their data. Businesses have come to understand that the insights analytics deliver are central to digital transformation and ultimately, help them gain competitive advantage. Take the manufacturing sector — through our machine learning and analytics offerings, we provide our customers with innovative solutions for predictive maintenance that detect when machines on an assembly line need required maintenance. Manufacturers have reported significant savings by applying more efficient maintenance schedules derived from our predictive maintenance offerings.

DXC and Microsoft invest time to understand your specific business needs so we can apply the tools and processes that deliver an agile and secure platform for growth. Technology has disrupted entire industries, but it also has created new opportunities. Companies that embrace digital will have the systems in place to stay agile and survive and thrive as business conditions change.

Explore our position papers and videos at http://www.dxc.technology/digital_enterprise as you take the next steps on your digital transformation.

Chris KnepperChris Knepper is DXC’s Global Partner Executive for DXC’s strategic alliance with Microsoft, a 30+ year global strategic alliance. With over 30 years’ experience in IT, in both the commercial and public sectors, Chris’ experience spans consulting, development, delivery, as well as managing strategic alliances with Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce.com, Google and WorkDay.


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