DXC: A leader in application services


As many as 2 billion healthcare transactions are processed through DXC applications platforms each year. A whopping 7 billion airline transactions run through our platforms. And DXC manages and maintains over 1 million applications on behalf of clients.

The reason so many enterprises choose DXC for application services? Because we are a leader in application development, testing and maintenance services—a measure earned through our global scale, IP assets, deep and broad industry expertise, and investments in next-gen technologies. These are the findings from Information Services Group (ISG) in its new ISG Provider Lens Quadrant Report on application development and maintenance (ADM) services. The report assesses more than two dozen providers and covers six quadrants: end-to-end ADM; app dev; application support and maintenance; application testing; as well as end-to-end ADM for the healthcare, life sciences and financial services industries.

Enterprises understand that efficient, high-quality applications developed and delivered at digital speeds are key to their success, but those requirements present numerous challenges. Enterprises face increasing disruption from competitive, regulatory and technology influences; at the same time, they struggle with the constant drumbeat to do better with less. The goal of any application services program should be to drive efficiency, quality and cost-savings across the enterprise so organizations can put precious resources to new and innovative ventures.

DXC understands these market conditions and business challenges, and it’s that knowledge that underscores our commitment to customers to develop secure software with quality and speed, at scale. We use traditional and next-gen technology to enrich user experience, accelerate business outcomes, and drive client loyalty.

At DXC, we are honored that ISG has named us an ADM market leader. Calling us “bigger, smarter and more local” through our mergers, acquisitions and strategic investments, ISG puts us in the leader quadrant of end-to-end ADM and points to our abundant IP and the value of our scale—we are a $25 billion services company that operates in more than 60 countries.

ISG also points to DXC’s “impressive range and scope of services.” Indeed, our portfolio covers the full spectrum of application services from advisory to modernization, development, testing, integration and management. Those services are expertly aligned with next-generation technologies, a point ISG makes in its description of DXC’s end-to-end ADM leadership.

Another key element to DXC’s end-to-end ADM leadership is its ability to guide clients on their transformational journeys from traditional to next-generation technologies. According to ISG, DXC “has entered into next-generation outcome-based application contracts with selective, innovative clients while it continues to support its remaining clients through traditional offerings, leading them gradually towards transformation.”

ISG named DXC a leader in all six of the quadrants the report covered. By the way, in its inaugural ADM report last year, ISG gave DXC* top honors as well, pointing to our agile/DevOps and automation capabilities that help enable digital transformations, and other strengths.

The highlights in this year’s report—which we’ll cover in more depth in subsequent blog posts—include our significant investments in next-gen technologies like cloud native applications development, microservices, crowdsourcing approaches, automation and bionics, and DevOps. Also noteworthy: our “impressive transformational capabilities” in the financial services sector and our “tailor-made approach” to healthcare and life sciences clients, all underpinned by the quality- and field-tested vertical industry solutions, IP and assets we bring to both sectors.

Stay tuned for more on DXC’s leading application development, testing and maintenance services, and the ISG Lens Quadrant Report. Meanwhile, read about customers like Zurich Insurance Company who recently appointed DXC as a preferred Systems Integrator and a Tier 1 Applications Partner, and contact us to get started.

*The 2016 ISG Insights Index Report for Application Development & Management (AD&M) Services was done before the DXC merger; both HPE and CSC were named leaders in the report. The new report covers ISG’s assessment of the 2017 U.S. market.

Rick-Sullivan-headshotRick Sullivan is VP & General Manager, Application Services at DXC. He has responsibility for strategy, product development, and general management for growth and financial execution of this business. This includes responsibility for DXC’s strategy for digital services, mobile applications development, agile DevOps, cloud native microservices, crowdsourcing methods, applications security, and the full lifecycle of testing services. Sullivan has 27 years of experience in both public and private sectors in a variety of executive roles that focus on leading technologies, intersecting with complex business problems and transformative solutions.



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