SAP in the cloud made simple with Microsoft Azure


Many businesses have run SAP via traditional on-premises platform solutions with strong results for a decade or more. Now, these same companies recognize that they must change to take advantage of the real-time visibility of business performance offered by a cloud-based version of SAP.

Enterprises today know they need to “harness the power of the cloud,” but they’re just not entirely sure what that means. As with all workloads, migrating SAP to the Microsoft Azure public cloud takes careful planning and execution. And, once there, the right support services are required to help manage and optimize your SAP ecosystem to run efficiently. DXC and Microsoft have teamed up to provide clients who understand the value of running SAP on the Azure platform a comprehensive set of accelerated services that will help them make this transition.

DXC Services on Microsoft Azure for SAP accelerate the planning, transition and transformation for faster migration of SAP to Microsoft Azure – and optimize how it is run there. Services are architected to be flexible so that customers can proceed step-by-step or start from wherever they are. We aim to deliver “frictionless” business processes that are rolled out with minimal downtime. Here’s a breakdown of our SAP on Azure services:

  • Azure Migration QuickStarts. Helps customers quickly migrate their current environment to the Azure cloud. Our well-staffed team of experts can get your company up and running quickly, reducing migration costs by 25 percent.
  • SHAPE Services on Azure. Defines the business case and detailed plan to migrate SAP customers to the public cloud, and provides a future-proof roadmap that grows as the company adds more SAP workloads to the cloud. Some companies simply don’t have the cloud expertise or the available staff to develop comprehensive plans. We can develop a plan so you can take a solid business case to top management.
  • Business Outcome Service Management (BOSM) on Azure. Automates SAP run-support services, reducing Application Management Support (AMS) run costs by up to 40 percent.
  • S/4HANA QuickStarts. A pre-configured S/4HANA program, defined specifically by industry to perform proofs of concept and demos. Customers can also opt to bypass the POCs and immediately begin their S/4 journey.
  • HANA Managed Services on Azure. Once you are on the Azure cloud platform, this service provides DXC’s industry leading managed services program for your SAP environment. Through this service companies can manage hundreds of ledgers across multiple geographic boundaries.
  • SAP Platform Automation on Azure. Coming in 2018, this service will automate your SAP platform activities, a process that can significantly reduce platform costs.

Our DXC Services on Microsoft Azure for SAP are designed to be “snapped on” when needed.  This allows you to apply the right the services when you need them.  The ability to right-size your services by selecting just one or all allows our clients the full-stack coverage they require when moving to the cloud. For example, if your organization has already defined its business case and developed a detailed plan, it can go directly to BOSM on Azure and start automating SAP in the cloud. Whatever you decide, you can be confident that the combined experience of DXC and Microsoft will help your organization future-proof your entire SAP program, growing with you as business conditions change.

We understand that migrating SAP to the cloud can be intimidating for many companies. But public cloud technology has matured and become much more secure. If companies are truly going to become digital enterprises, they need to realize the cost savings, flexibility and productivity gains that running SAP on Azure will deliver. Let DXC and Microsoft show you how.

David KelleyDavid Kelley is an SAP Applications Management Services (AMS) Offering Leader at DXC, where he defines portfolio solutions and makes service-offering refinements for the SAP practice.  In this role, he also provides sales, solutioning and delivery support for these market offerings. Prior to his current role, David was a senior SAP advisory consultant, providing solution support for DXC’s SAP applications portfolio.  Before that, David spent several years as a program manager and engagement leader, overseeing several large ERP delivery programs.

Bob-PolitiBob Politi is a Senior Director for DXC’s SAP Practice and the Global SAP AMS Offering Lead.   His key activities include providing clients the leading SAP Strategic and Solution programs that enable them to execute the next SAP Generation solutions such as Business Outcome delivery programs, Bionics, Analytics, disruptive technologies (Hana, Mobility) and Cloud initiatives. As the SAP Global Run Offering Leader, Bob has designed, executed multiple global ERP programs and sustained programs within the SAP and Oracle landscape.


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