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A recently developed offering showcasing DXC’s partnership with Microsoft focuses on an area that is top-of-mind for many: analytics. At DXC, we are enhancing our analytics platform that leverages Microsoft Azure cloud services and Power BI in a way that can help enterprises create next-generation applications with ease and efficiency.

DXC Analytics Platform on Demand Built by Microsoft Azure is a service that delivers a proven and scalable enterprise-grade analytics environment using open software and cloud native services. One of the chief aims of the offering is to put you in the driver seat and enable your development and data scientist teams to make things happen very quickly. At the same time, we provide a stable, flexible environment that is well-architected for enterprise integration and growth.

One of the key aspects of the offering is its platform on demand capabilities. What’s most exciting about this is that it gives development teams frictionless entry to analytics on Azure. Your teams can be on-boarded very quickly and start application development immediately.

Our goal is to make sure you get the right size, platform, consumption model, and team in place to get the job done. DXC has worked closely with many Azure adopters, and we have the experience and expertise to offer the following:

  • Safe and easy setup. We make it uncomplicated and unintimidating to get started, minimizing costly learning steps through a high-touch service approach, coupled with all the security and data protection you want and need.
  • Full-service enablement. You get access to accelerators such as enterprise deployment architectures and automation for services, all packaged in standardized tiers. These primarily use high-level native cloud services such as Data Lake, or in combination with preferred software such as Hadoop distributions, as well as cloud.
  • Integration and expansion options. Our solution allows you to implement hybrid production models with a wide range of options, including Azure Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and on premise integration. Services include connectivity, security administration, and data protection.
  • Best practices. Benefit from DXC’s analytic applications and data workload optimization best practices. We combine a long-term commitment to business intelligence (BI) and data management with access to a wide variety of use cases.
  • Microsoft Azure deployment expertise. You get DXC’s proven expertise in managing Microsoft Azure services and related analytic technologies. Working the full stack, we manage the infrastructure, higher-level cloud services, and additional third-party software through enterprise applications solutions.

Our on demand platform comes in selectable flavors. The Hadoop/Spark-centered flavor features automated setup to get your project team fully enabled with a dedicated and pre-configured environment with your preferred vendor distribution on generic infrastructure. The Azure native services-based flavor gives you an option to use the advanced analytics family of services of Azure. There is also the flexibility to using selected native services, like HDInsight, with the generic flavor, and our technical experts will support your project team.

One media company DXC is working with onboarded to our platform in a matter of days. In a short time, they were developing their applications, then swiftly deploying them into production, some to production grade. That company is enjoying the flexible environment our solution provides, which lets them make the necessary adjustments as they go along. They didn’t need to migrate anywhere or do any additional procurement to get on the fast path to operationalizing analytics.

That’s one of the biggest benefits of our offering. It gives you a fast track to analyzing your data and creating applications with only a few clicks. It also lets you leverage pre-packaged tiered configurations with the right tools to set up the right environment the first time. It also provides a layered structure, such as cloud services, and an analytics layer that lets teams manage the platform where production applications are deployed.

By partnering with Microsoft, DXC is able to offer an on demand platform that increases your analytics intelligence by generating actionable and scalable business results. And by relying on us, you can go a long way towards taming cloud complexity and getting the most out of your analytics platform.

DXC provides multiple pathways to help you get your analytics platform up-and-running. You can begin by taking the DXC Analytics IQ Assessment. Then, we can schedule a workshop for your organization or a more detailed assessment. Doing so will certainly be a nice step forward on your digital transformation journey.

Jan Jonak headshotJan Jonak is Analytics and Big Data Platform, Engineering Lead for DXC’s analytics team. He has more than eight years of experience with HP, and now DXC, in areas such as business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing, and has extensive delivery experience for major clients. Jan has been involved in offerings development for big data, data discovery and production platforms, including Hadoop/Spark/Vertica/Haven, on premise, and cloud.


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