Putting efficiency and automation in the hands of ToolBox users

Efficiency, the ability to save time with necessary document processes, and ease-of-use are always top priorities for life sciences teams. Let’s face it, when you’re reviewing a document, the last thing you want is to deal with a lot of manual processes.

Digitization and automation are making it much easier to create processes that make users’ lives easier when it comes to reviewing and viewing current and archived eCTD documents.

With this in mind, DXC Technology’s developers have taken several important steps to meet client requests for process efficiency, adding important new features to ToolBox 6.3.0200. We’ve simplified key features that range from creating bookmarks and hyperlinks to enabling flexibility and simplicity when building, changing or editing links or fonts so as to provide regional support for electronic submission.

A question of links

Artificial intelligence has made it possible to simplify the creation of bookmarks, and we’ve quickly responded to client requests and needs with a clever feature that makes processes much easier for users. In the past, users have had to manually create a bookmark — such as for a table of figures or table of contents. For example, imagine you have a table on page 100 of the document but 30 references to that table throughout the document. That would require going through every one of those references to create hyperlinks to the actual table.

Changes to the Keyword Linker mean that those links are created automatically based on keywords. Therefore, if a document has 200 references that need to be linked to a table of contents, table of figures or other destination, those links will be created automatically with one click, removing time-consuming manual processes.

Another important development is the inclusion of one-click modifications to links. With this feature, users can change any properties within a hyperlink by simply going to “select” or “edit” in the Text Quick Linker and move, drag and drop, copy and paste, change actions and attributes, or perform any other activity needed to edit a link.

Font formation

One of the challenges regulatory departments have confronted with the increase in mergers and acquisitions, as well as with the push to outsource much of the dossier creation and submission process, is font inconsistency. The FDA has issued a list of standard fonts to be used in documents, and typically companies will have standard operating procedures to establish which font should be used. But often a document may be created by another party — whether it’s a company that has been acquired or is an outsourcing partner.

This has forced the quality control (QC) teams to go back through the original document and change the fonts, then go through the whole QC procedure again before the final document can be put into the publishing software.

To simplify processes, we’ve introduced a ToolBox feature that lets the QC teams simply make the changes in the current document — rather than in the original — using a font-editing function. The embedding status of fonts can also be controlled interactively. Again, this saves time and speeds up the QC process.

Global links

Another important feature with the latest version of ToolBox is the addition of more regions to the LinkCycle Report. Previously, this tool supported only Japan, but smaller companies that don’t have the resources to purchase full-scale submission tools often depend on ToolBox to manage hyperlinks for eCTD submissions to various regions. Responding to this need, DXC opened a LinkCycle Report for nine regions that accept eCTD, allowing users to check hyperlinks for multiple regions by using ToolBox.

We recognize and appreciate that a large percentage of life sciences companies use ToolBox for document editing, and we are continually reviewing and updating capabilities to meet client needs and to leverage artificial intelligence to drive automation. This will continue to be a focus for us in coming updates — always with an eye on client needs, efficiency and flexibility.

Learn more about the latest release of ToolBox and how the new features will help your organization.

Deven Mehta is a product manager with DXC’s Life Sciences group.


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