Q/A with DXC Technology’s Kerry Rainer – Influential Women in Re/insurance 2017


Kerry Rainer, claims services director at Xchanging, a DXC Technology company, was chosen by Intelligent Insurer as one of its Influential Women in Re/insurance 2017. Learn what excites Kerry about the insurance field and her advice to young women considering entering this field.

Kerry Rainer

Kerry Rainer

What do you do at DXC ?

I’m the claims services director at Xchanging Claims Services (XCS), a joint venture between Lloyd’s of London and Xchanging, a DXC Technology company. I’m responsible for the P&L performance, which encompasses staff engagement, customer satisfaction, business growth and operational functions within the Claims business.  Prior to my current position, I was responsible for the strategy for taking new products and services to the claims market to address the industry’s transformation efforts. I spent two years in that role building relationships with claims adjusters and customers, which gave me the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding on our customer needs.

How did you enter the insurance market?

I deliberately chose a career in insurance. I knew I wanted to work with data and within the finance industry, but I didn’t want to go into accountancy. I applied at Lloyd’s Policy Signing Office (LPSO), and although I didn’t get the role as I was told I was overqualified, I was persistent and managed to secure contract work with the LPSO. I joined Lloyd’s at the entry level working on policy wordings and spent several years progressing through the organisation. I left the LPSO to join a broker to gain experience from within our customer base, which was a fantastic opportunity. Working at a broker gave me another view of the insurance market and invaluable insight that helps me to this day when working with customers. I then joined Xchanging working within our customer relations service team before moving into the Claims business.

What does it mean to you being selected as one of Intelligent Insurer magazine’s Influential Women in Re/insurance in 2017?

I’m very proud and honoured to have been included in this year’s list.  There are many intelligent, ambitious and strong women working in the insurance market and I admire what they have achieved and continue to accomplish in what used to be a very male dominated industry. I work hard at what I do, so it’s a real honour to be recognised in this way as an individual and as a woman in this market.

What do you find interesting about working in the insurance and technology industries?

The diversity that comes within the industry. There are many different roles and classes of business and, as the market seeks to transform itself, new roles are being created all the time. I find that no two days are the same. The insurance industry is fast-paced, and we are going through the biggest period of change, which is required. Automation and more comprehensive leveraging of data are two areas that are making big impacts on how we do business and create efficiencies, which is sorely needed to keep London competitive in a global marketplace. It’s a very exciting time to be working in the insurance industry.

 What do you see as the biggest opportunity facing the insurance industry?

Within the London market, I predict automation and application of artificial intelligence (AI) will be key in processing insurance transactions and helping us make better claims decisions in the future. Currently, many processes are manual and the same data is keyed in several times over throughout the claims chain process. Automation and AI will help eliminate this laborious process, which often includes data being entered incorrectly. We already see greater automation in personal lines and I believe it’s only a matter of time before the London market adopts automation, especially around some of the more complex claims; we need to make it happen.

What advice would you give to young women considering a career in insurance?

The insurance industry offers many diverse career options and potential to move around. My advice is to be flexible; you don’t necessarily have to pick one specific area and stick to it; look at trying out different roles. The London Market is currently undergoing a transformation, with technology being a disruptive and modernising force on how things are being done. For anyone entering the industry, man or woman, I recommend they become familiar with technology’s impact on the industry. Also, there are several industry groups for the under-30s, which offer tremendous networking opportunities.  Finally, I would recommend finding a role model or mentor (not necessarily the same person), who can provide counsel and guidance.

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