Most employees use mobile apps to do their jobs, not to goof off

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Mobile enterprise employees really are using their devices for work — well, for the most part.

A new survey of more than 650 enterprise employees in the U.S. and Western Europe by analyst firm CCS Insight reveals that productivity apps generally are the most widely used mobile apps at work, with Microsoft’s Office 365 (used by 39% of respondents) leading the pack. Runner-up was LinkedIn, the professional networking and information app, used by 35% of users, while smartphone messaging app WhatsApp (31%) ranked No. 4.

Slightly below LinkedIn at No. 3 with 34% is social network Facebook, showing it’s not “all work and no play” for at least one in three employees. (Hey, everyone needs a little downtime.) Still, overall, the list of popular mobile apps compiled from survey respondents seems to support the optimistic view that mobile enterprise employees as a whole aren’t wasting too much time with non-work apps:

  • 39% — Office 365
  • 35% — LinkedIn
  • 34% — Facebook
  • 31% — WhatsApp
  • 27% — Dropbox
  • 26% — Adobe
  • 24% — Amazon
  • 20% — Skype
  • 20% — G Suite
  • 9% — Salesforce

The only apps on the list that reek of goldbricking are Facebook and online retailer Amazon. That being said, you can argue that some enterprise employees (such as small-business owners and marketers) actually use Facebook to do their jobs.

Of the more than 15 other mobile apps cited by survey respondents, all fall under the workplace productivity category: Microsoft Teams, Citrix, SAP, Workday, Cisco Jabber, DocuSign, Evernote, Slack, Box, Boxer, Jammer, Yammer, Asana, Trello, Roambi, Zoom, and Concur. There’s nary a YouTube, Snapchat or Pandora among them, though all three of those are in the top 10 of comScore’s annual list of most popular U.S. mobile apps.

Studies relying on self-reporting always can be skewed for conscious and subconscious reasons. After all, who wants to admit (even as an anonymous survey respondent) that they spend most of their time at work goofing off? Even accounting for some inherent puffery and delusion, the CCS Insight survey indicates most mobile enterprise employees are using the technology to be more efficient and productive.

Just like it’s supposed to work!


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