Digital transformation: Leveraging DXC’s Automotive Center of Excellence

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Auto manufacturers face an important challenge today: How do established and successful companies adapt to become fully-digital organizations at a time when the industry is moving to hybrid, electric and autonomous cars?

At DXC, we are working closely with our partners to create a virtual Automotive Center of Excellence (COE) that’s focused on solving all of these complex challenges for auto makers. The COE has core competencies in the following areas: analytics, production and agile development and operations. We work closely with our customers and, leveraging our automotive consulting expertise, help them define and implement a strategic roadmap to becoming more digital organizations. We also rely on our partner ecosystem, which includes large corporations as well as start-ups, to drive and inject innovation. While we base most of this expertise in the Northern and Central regions of Europe, these core business competencies are available to clients worldwide.

Here’s a quick rundown of how each core competency contributes to solving automotive issues:

  1. Analytics: DXC has analytics capabilities and solutions to support the auto industry along its value chain. In R&D, for example, we have solutions that handle and analyze multiple petabytes of data to improve testing activities. With analytics, auto manufacturers can better manage their supply chains as well, by gaining a deeper understanding of consumer needs and preferences and assessing how to best price their parts and products.
  2. Production: DXC helps its customers set up new production lines or plants with the latest Industrie 4.0 standards and concepts. Through the solutions and capabilities we have developed, our clients can achieve their key plant objectives: efficiency, stability and increased collaboration. Our automotive consultants develop and operate complete “factories-as-a-service” or key functional parts of a production facility, such as manufacturing execution or product lifecycle management systems. Our experts also work with our clients to define their roadmap for becoming digital companies. For example, our Industrie 4.0 Platform enables significant progress toward achieving the vision of the connected factory. Of course, in production, everything is increasingly data driven and our manufacturing analytics solution offers insights into production processes.
  3. Agile development and operations: We support our clients’ software application needs from the formation of the idea and strategy through to prototyping, testing and implementation, and continuing on with maintenance and improvement activities. We support all of this through proven agile methodologies and highly dynamic processes that reflect increased speed of the market. We accomplish this by using appropriate computing infrastructures such as public, private or hybrid cloud offerings, depending on our clients’ needs and the best fit for the application. DXC offers this end-to-end or by-component, whichever is best for the customer.

Building on DXC’s digital transformation capabilities, the COE focuses on our automotive clients’ needs in their current transformation from pure car producers to providers of more connected driving experiences that focus on the added value of analytics and are enabled by effective production environments, agile operation methods like DevOps, a hybrid cloud infrastructure and future virtual workplaces. All of these can be leveraged by our global OEM customers and suppliers. The automotive team at DXC has the means and skills to help automotive customers get their needed tasks done.

Dirk Schürmann is Director of Automotive & Steel and Head of the Automotive Center of Excellence for DXC North and Central Europe.


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