Driving out complexity: efficiency and user experience top priorities in Viewer 4.0

As companies prepare their submission documents, a critical part of the process is document review. While it’s vital that these documents can be edited only by authorized stakeholders, many others involved in the process must be able to view and assess both archived and current electronic Common Technical Documents (eCTDs).

How people view documents is as important as how they work on them. Users become accustomed to a certain look and feel when working with eCTD solutions; having that same look and feel when viewing documents helps to create a more familiar working environment for all stakeholders. DXC’s Viewer gives users the same look and feel that users enjoy with eCTDXPress — the same user interface, icons, tree structure and so on.

With the latest release, Viewer 4.0, DXC Technology has added some important features that further ease the user experience, remove unnecessary complexity and drive greater transparency.

Driving simplicity

One challenge companies have had in the past is that when a region introduced a new document type definition (DTD) or a new region was added, the whole product was affected, requiring time-consuming development, testing and validation processes.

To address this issue, DXC’s technology experts have decoupled the DTD in Viewer 4.0 and have provided new architecture that allows regional modules to be updated independently of the base product. This gives clients greater control over which regions they wish to update and speeds up the entire process.

Specific to in-progress dossiers that directly communicate with eCTDXPress, DXC has also introduced eCTDXPress Repository Watcher, which watches and detects new dossiers, modified dossiers or deleted dossiers; it then registers them into the database for caching purposes. With this feature, reviewers can view in-progress dossiers and documents from the eCTDXPress database even if the submission hasn’t been compiled, published or finalized.

With FileSystemWatcher, document management software (DMS) Watcher and eCTDXPress Repository Watcher, any changes to dossiers will be cached within minutes and reflected in Viewer. That’s a huge improvement in performance and provides significant process efficiency. This also helps to simplify oversight for dossiers by enhancing the caching process.

Automation and cost efficiency

A common activity when viewing documents is to search for specific terms or criteria. To enhance this process, the latest version of Viewer includes advanced search functionalities that offer both public and private search filters. This means that users can search dossiers with different parameters, such as dossier name, region and metadata.

The ability to do this provides users with both greater control and more focused search functionality. For example, if a group within a company look only for U.S. product updates, it is possible to establish those metadata specifically for a public search and refine the search process. Equally, if a user wants the ability to conduct a more detailed search, the user can create private search capabilities.

One challenge that companies had encountered in the past was the need to install Adobe Acrobat to navigate PDFs. But this is an expensive prospect for companies with thousands of users. In response, Viewer 4.0 allows users to open and navigate bookmarks and hyperlinks in PDFs without having to install Acrobat.

Increasingly, users seek simplicity and automation to enable them to work faster and better, while companies also need to realize overall cost reductions. These latest Viewer features answer all those needs and more.

Learn more about DXC’s Viewer 4.0 and how it simplifies life for users and drives greater efficiency.

Deven Mehta is a product manager with DXC’s Life Sciences group.

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