Supercharge your business with DXC’s Analytics Solutions


One of the hottest trends in IT today is the emergence of analytics as a must-have for digital transformation and it seems to creep into just about every conversation at gatherings such as Envision. But how can you gain true operational benefits from your analytics platform?

DXC is rolling out a new suite of analytics solutions and services that are designed to leverage Microsoft Azure and Power BI as a technology enablers. Running on DXC Analytics Platform on Demand Built by Microsoft Azure, these offerings are designed as accelerators for the digital economy, to help enterprises drive business outcomes and deliver more speed to value. We want to help you increase your analytics intelligence by being more proactive and predictive, so you can rapidly turn that massive amount of data you have into actionable and operational assets.

Our initial suite of offerings is as follows:

DXC Customer Analytics Built on Microsoft Azure

It is important to be on top of changing customer expectations and to make your customer always feel valued. Customer Analytics produces personalized insights that can be distributed rapidly across channels, offering what the customer is looking for, at the time when they need it most.

By operationalizing analytics, we help you rapidly find new customer insights and automate decisions to innovate customer strategies. Our Customer Analytics solution gives you a 360° view of the customer with a closed-loop process to keep this updated with the latest customer interactions. Use of Azure technology such as Azure Data Factory and Azure SQL helps you ingest and store data.

Then, using Azure Machine Learning, DXC applies its customer analytics capabilities to predict customer context and provide personalization. For example, we can identify the best recommendations that will help reduce customer churn. Customer analytic insights can then be distributed and integrated into core business processes. The results? Higher customer satisfaction, lower churn rates, and an increased share of the customer’s wallet.

DXC Predictive Maintenance Built on Microsoft Azure

This offering is targeted to maintenance and engineering, IT operations, and warranty lines of businesses and can apply to a variety of industries from travel and transportation to manufacturing and automotive. Predictive maintenance is increasingly viewed as a business function, and enterprises are applying it to reduce downtime and increase efficiency. For example, sensors can be deployed on assets in remote, inaccessible locations to measure physical conditions and the data can be used to predict failure patterns.

Our offering gives you the ability to ingest and process IoT sensor data to preempt and predict impending failures. We use machine learning to implement rules in a complex event processing (CEP) engine. We also leverage Azure technologies like Azure Stream Analytics and Azure Machine Learning to perform predictive analysis.

This is where the paradigm shift to increase your analytics intelligence to be more proactive and predictive comes in. By embedding analytics in business processes, you gain the ability to store root causes and combine that with historical data to define more precise rules and identify the best next actions. And the brilliant data analysis and visualizations you generate can be showcased using Microsoft technologies such as Power BI.

DXC Social Media Intelligence Built on Microsoft Azure

Social media is a driving force in today’s business landscape and it is here to stay. The key is to know how to successfully embrace the tons of data in social media platforms and use it, for example, to drive marketing and customer retention or in the supply chain and in warranty management.

Our offering changes the game by helping you integrate social media into your business processes to provide early signs of customer perceptions. We help you monitor social feeds — including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — to identify opportunities for action. By listening to conversations about your company, you can gauge customer sentiment to see how launching a marketing campaign might impact brand perception. Or you can use it to understand and identify influencers, then recruit them to be brand advocates to drive brand influences and reach.

As with our other offerings, you can leverage Microsoft technologies such as Azure Event Hub to ingest and store data. The goal is to drive social media buzz and eventually use social intelligence in other business processes. Our solution, for example, could help an auto brand with early detection of potential warranty issues for proactive customer servicing.

How to get started? You can begin by taking the DXC Analytics IQ Assessment. Then, if you want to learn more, contact DXC to schedule a workshop or a more detailed analytics assessment.

Betty-Lau-headshot-highresBetty Lau is a Practice Principal in Analytics Solutions and Services at DXC. She is the global program manager for analytics offering development and manages a portfolio of advanced analytics offerings, with use cases that span across DXC’s core industries. Betty has more than 17 years of experience with HPE, and now DXC, in practice and delivery management.

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