Putting the customer at the center of your business with Microsoft Dynamics


Customer expectations are constantly rising. Customers know and understand that companies can collect comprehensive information about their purchasing habits and preferences. In return, they expect companies to use that data to provide personalized offerings and experiences. Businesses that fail to deliver these will find it increasingly hard to compete.

What’s holding businesses back?

Most businesses store essential information in various silos, making it impossible to get a complete view of the customer. There is always something missing: if you’re looking in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, you’ll see purchase history; if you look in the traditional customer relationship management (CRM) system, you’ll see a record of interactions. But you won’t see all of that information in one place, in real time.

To gain a complete view of a customer, the customer service representative (CSR) may need to toggle between screens, which takes time and is complicated. It gets in the way of providing a superior service and could result in the CSR missing important information and opportunities to upsell or cross-sell to the customer, not to mention making it harder to solve their problems.

When you can’t see all the relevant information in one place, you can’t get a clear view of the customer. That prevents you from being able to offer the best possible service and it’s a huge barrier for businesses that want to interact with customers proactively.

How can businesses overcome this barrier?

Microsoft is changing the way we think about traditional CRM by providing the tools to make it part of the digital journey. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s omnichannel and social engagement, organizations have the flexibility and capability to communicate with the customer via the channel the customer has chosen, including social media.

It lets you personalize your interactions with customers based on past interactions and behaviors, and it also makes it easier for your customers to find answers on their own. When they need help, your CSRs can step in seamlessly through a single user interface that gives them everything they need to resolve issues fast.

Features such as a searchable knowledge base means your CSRs can provide the same information consistently across all channels. It captures content from social media, service interactions, and experts, and it incorporates rich analytics and machine learning so, with every interaction, your business can continue to improve the way you help customers.

Combine Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Customer Insights to get in-depth analysis of customer behaviors and drivers so you can engage with them more effectively. You can constantly monitor relationships and address any at-risk customers sooner, and use predictive analytics to upsell and cross-sell more effectively, giving you a greater share of wallet and cementing your customers’ loyalty.

With a digital CRM platform, you can now truly choose how you want to interact. You can build and maintain relationships with customers based on their preferences, and provide a seamless interaction through multiple channels in the one transaction to ensure a better experience that meets customer needs the first time around.

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Paul-Timmins-headshotPaul Timmins is Global Director for Microsoft at DXC Technology. Based in Sydney, Australia, Paul is responsible for a global sales and delivery team delivering Microsoft solutions which provide digital transformation for DXC customers. Paul is passionate about how leadership transformation and cultural transformation when coupled with strategy and engaged employees will always deliver better business outcomes.


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