Five reasons to get excited about Dynamics 365

Wherever you go these days, you hear lot about digital transformation, but what is it really about? Digital transformation is about reimagining how you bring together your people, data and processes to create value for your customers.

I see Microsoft Dynamics 365 as an exciting enabler of digital transformation. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has been widely quoted as saying that enterprises need to start thinking and operating like digital companies. Dynamics 365 takes all the different elements of business applications that have typically been siloed in the past and brings them together into a unified business platform that sits on top of a common data service. This alignment of systems and data enables organizations to focus less on software and more on improving their products or services, thus paving the way to digital transformation.

At Tribridge, a DXC Technology Company, our goal is to take the Dynamics 365 platform and transform it into a very specific, very powerful solution that enables our clients to be faster and more agile. We do this by taking a focused approach to solving challenges unique to their particular industry. We strive to make it easier for them to adopt technology so they can focus on growing their business and improving interactions with customers.

Enterprises should be very excited with the direction that Microsoft is taking with Dynamics 365 for many reasons, and here are a few key ones:

  1. Integration. Arguably the biggest benefit of Dynamics 365 is that it provides the technology and power you need on a single platform. It successfully integrates business software — such as Office 365, ERP elements of finance and operations, and CRM elements of sales, marketing and customer support — with the powerful analytical tools Power BI and Cortana. This cohesive system lets our clients be more efficient, allowing them to spend more time with their customers, products and processes and less time worrying about disparate technology in siloed systems.
  2. Speed. Tribridge has the experience and industry knowledge to help enterprises adopt Dynamics 365 with industry-specific functionality that can quickly serve them right out of the box. The technology leverages the power and flexibility of the cloud to allow enterprises to scale at their own pace. Businesses can also achieve faster time-to-value by integrating it with their legacy systems.
  3. Simplicity. With Dynamics 365, Microsoft is providing a cloud-based platform that can be continually updated and upgraded. This means you don’t have to focus on making systems decisions every 12 to 18 months. It provides a common data service running in the cloud so you don’t have to maintain legacy software systems to run your enterprise.
  4. Analytics. Robust analytics capabilities built into Dynamics 365 allows enterprises to tap into valuable operational and customer intelligence. Cortana’s predictive analytics capabilities let you look at information within your environment to tell you, for example, if you are going to have a breakpoint in your supply chain. With tools for finding and using insights hidden in big data, enterprises can be much more successful at serving customer needs.
  5. Customer Engagement. Remember that digital transformation is all about changing the way you do business by putting your customer first. By delivering customer insights via analytics, gaining cloud-driven speed and integration advantages, and simplifying the technology landscape, Dynamics 365 provides the ideal platform for helping enterprises improve customer engagement.

Digital transformation is not achieved overnight. For enterprises, it comes down to is this: What is your strategy to change the way you view your business and change the way you operate by putting your customer first? We believe Dynamics 365 offers the platform to successfully connect your data, processes and people.

Kevin-Armstrong-headshotKevin Armstrong is Vice President of Sales for the Microsoft business group for Tribridge, a DXC Technology Company. A 20-year technology sales and business development executive with an extensive background in the Microsoft Dynamics channel, Kevin is deeply committed to delivering value and thought leadership throughout the organization. He was previously Vice President of U.S. Sales for ePartners, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner that was acquired by Tribridge. Kevin served on the Executive Board of TechAmerica and has been heavily involved in the Technology Association of Georgia. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Villanova University.


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