Azure Stack: Coming to a data center near you

Most IT organizations are already sold on the value of public cloud. It offers greater IT agility than traditional on-premises data centers and provides a foundation for innovation throughout the business.

One of the growing challenges with increasingly complex hybrid environments is the lack of an integrated single point of support to enable hybrid workload access between public clouds and on-premises resources. It also creates challenges related to latency and compliance with industry regulations.

Considering the options for hybrid cloud management, Microsoft Azure Stack is a great choice. DXC has been working closely with Microsoft to extend Azure across a hybrid infrastructure such as a local data center. Our aim is provide consistency and flexibility in development and cloud-native environments for our clients.

Operational excellence, governance and financial management

With DXC Managed Services for Microsoft Azure Stack, we are extending our Azure managed services, enabling you to easily consume Azure Stack services and concentrate on your business objectives.

Our solution provides management of Microsoft Azure Stack services, ensuring there is operational excellence, governance and financial management so you can tap into the full benefits from Azure as a hybrid, flexible consumption cloud. DXC’s advisory and consulting services help identify workloads suited to migration to the cloud, while our transformation and migration services take the risk out of migration, even for the most complex enterprise workloads.

DXC’s commitment to Azure Stack highlights our ability to provide an integrated single point of support to enable hybrid workload access between Azure public cloud and Azure Stack on premises. Among many benefits, this offering will help you meet industry regulations and mitigate latency challenges by providing an in-region or local presence.

Capacity management, storage, security management and monitoring

The foundation of DXC’s offering is the design and implementation of the Azure Stack environment to align with your workload needs. This includes planning essential components such as capacity management, storage, security management, monitoring, load balancing and infrastructure configurations.

The benefits of DXC’s Azure Stack managed services are numerous, including:

  • Accelerated value: Deploy cloud native applications and move to agile development methods while modernizing applications across hybrid cloud environments, thus balancing agility and control.
  • Cloud cost optimization: Move away from the traditional 24×7 cost basis and ensure that your Azure costs continuously align to your business needs, with dynamic scaling of IT spend both up and down.
  • Increased compliance: Gain confidence in auditability and regulatory compliance for workloads that move between public cloud and on-premises Azure Stack.
  • Improved operational efficiency: DXC’s deployment integration for Azure public and Azure Stack provides a single pane of glass to support critical applications for improved time to market of your business services.
  • Mitigated risks: You get a single service view incorporating cloud native tools designed in a hybrid cloud management model. This means you can position the correct application workload in a cloud platform that will facilitate enterprise service levels, performance and compliance.

This is not just a managed services offering. Wrapped around that is DXC’s wide-ranging consulting capabilities, including the knowledge and skills provided by our Azure Center of Excellence. We can work closely with you to identify the optimal Azure architecture needed to support your workloads and needs.

DXC’s managed services offerings are consistent between Azure public cloud and Azure Stack. That’s important, because when we provide our tools, automation and governance, it remains consistent between our Azure public offering and our Azure Stack offering, providing consistent governance and quality of service across your hybrid Azure environment.

In today’s marketplace, Azure skills and expertise are at an absolute premium, and only two or three global players have DXC’s breadth and depth of capabilities and skills in the Azure space. We have more than 20,000 Microsoft professionals, including a core already trained and familiar with Azure Stack. This gives DXC the capabilities to design, deploy, manage and operate your Azure Stack environment for you. We also provide the necessary tools and processes needed for you to achieve success in a hybrid Azure environment.

Building on a 30-year partnership

The offering also builds on the 30-year partnership between Microsoft and DXC. The DXC Azure Stack product team collaborated with Microsoft to design the offering, and our clients will benefit from DXC’s direct access to Microsoft’s Azure Stack engineers and product team members.

If you are looking to deploy Azure Stack to reap the benefits of hybrid environments, visit to learn more. The integrated delivery experience of running Azure services on-premises will give you the opportunity to adopt hybrid cloud computing on your own terms.

Mark Fowler headshotMark Fowler is Global Offering Manager for Cloud, Platforms and ITO at DXC Technology. He is an enterprise architect and portfolio manager with a wealth of industry experience in strategy and planning for DXC’s clients.


DXC Technology Announces Service Offerings for Microsoft Azure to Enable Digital Transformation in a Hybrid Cloud Environment


  1. We started experimenting with a technical release of Azure Stack in our MidAtlantic Data Center months ago. It’s perfect for organizations who want to move toward cloud cost optimization and improved operational efficiency, but need to know EXACTLY where their data is.

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