How Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AppSource are helping to enable personalized healthcare

Technology is enabling digital transformation in the healthcare industry, allowing providers to deliver more personalized care. At Tribridge, a DXC Technology Company, we leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure and AppSource as technology and distribution platforms to offer Health360, a consumer-centered population health solution that enables healthcare organizations to provide truly personalized care experiences.

Our path to offering Health360 on a global scale has been filled with challenges, lessons learned and ultimately, successes. Technology on its own rarely transforms industries – it has to be accompanied by an economic model that challenges traditional approaches. The healthcare landscape in the United States changed dramatically in 2010 with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which created a new value-based economic model for providers. The idea of paying to keep people well and hospital beds empty means that providers need to focus on proactive and personalized healthcare instead of just providing sick-care.

When we began our initial work to develop Health360, we realized that the functionality required to deliver on accountable care ambitions sounded an awful lot like the customer-centered, service and mass-customization functions found in CRM systems – albeit, with very different health-specific lingo. We could use CRM expertise to develop a technology platform that focused on accountable care and personalization of care.

At the time, a typical healthcare experience felt like a dreaded visit to the DMV, and the interaction needed to be transformed into a more customer-centric experience. The terminology also needed to change. For example, instead of using the word patient, we prefer to use the word consumer.

Prior to the ACA in 2010, healthcare executives had little incentive to care about the concept of CRM; it simply did not exist in the industry. Still, we believed the Health360 solution we were developing could help the healthcare industry drive impact around accountable care and personalization. We needed a mature CRM platform, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the perfect fit.

Today, our aim with Health360 is to personalize care for everyone. But you can’t do that without a global scale technology and distribution platform. That’s where the Microsoft cloud and AppSource come in.

For one, AppSource enables fast track development. It was just over 60 days from the time we first committed to delivering Health360 Care Coordination on AppSource until it hit the marketplace.

Second, the platform is helping us expand distribution. Historically, our direct sales team targeted the solution mainly to large healthcare provider organizations in the U.S. However, AppSource is enabling us to offer Health360 to health and life sciences enterprises of varying sizes around the world. In fact, AppSource has become our primary vehicle for discovery, trial and engagement with small and medium-size health organizations around the world.

Health360 helps providers better understand the behaviors, preferences and challenges of their consumers. Its core is a person-centered data model for Dynamics 365 and Azure, pre-configured for healthcare requirements. Health360 is built for the Microsoft cloud and modules include Consumer Experience, Consumer Engagement and Care Coordination, with more to come.

Health360 helps healthcare organizations deliver improved care experiences in many ways, including by:

  • Focusing on experience. Health360 provides care teams with comprehensive consumer information, including a centralized “golden record” that lets care teams quickly access essential health data.
  • Expanding personalization. Health360 provides the ability to handle high volumes of records, centralizes disconnected patient information, and empowers care teams with granular consumer insights from the first point of contact onward.
  • Using multiple channels for engagement. Health360 uses CRM tools to track preferences around multiple engagement channels and enables care teams to engage with consumers exactly how they want to be engaged.
  • Connecting core systems and teams. Health360 gives providers the power and flexibility to deliver coordinated, customized care at scale, and by connecting extended care teams beyond the enterprise, enables more caregivers to access a 360-degree view of a patient’s medical, behavioral and preferential data.

Health360 is producing remarkable results for healthcare organizations. For one of our customers, its enabling improved personalization and care coordination for a system with more than 5 million patients.

Tribridge’s goal of delivering personalized care at scale received a huge boost when we joined forces with DXC earlier this year. Leveraging DXC’s global reach and resources, we can impact the health of more people, in more places, than ever before.

You can learn more about how Health360 is helping deliver personalized care by visiting the Tribridge web site.

Damon-Auer-headshotDamon Auer is Vice President, Health and Life Sciences for Tribridge, a DXC Technology Company. As technology and consulting services executive with more than 20 years of experience, he has specialized in helping health and life sciences organizations achieve business performance improvements. Damon oversees projects ranging from cloud-based Care Coordination and Electronic Medical Records systems implementations to process and systems integration consulting for healthcare delivery, pharmaceutical and medical device organizations.
He was instrumental in the development of Tribridge Health360, a patient-centric, population health management solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.


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    Is there more on this whitepaper / case study? (How Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AppSource are helping to enable personalized healthcare) re: using Dynamics 365 in Healthcare with focus of privacy of information (acts).

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