DXC Cares: DXCers run and volunteer across Poland

With 29 teams comprised of 146 runners across three cities — Wrocław, Warsaw, and  Łódź — DXC was once again prominently represented at the Poland Business Run, the country’s largest charity relay run.

Held in September, the Business Run aims to raise money for prosthetics, rehabilitation and psychological support for people who have lost their legs or hands. Sponsors cover the cost of event organization and running kits, and money collected from the starting fees of the teams goes to charity.

20,135 competitors participated in this year’s event, which is held across several; cities in Poland. In total, the Poland Business Run Foundation raised 1,651,197 PLN – or about 400,000 Euro. Running teams could register individually or representing companies. This year, 1,363 social responsible companies were present on the starting line.

DXC employee Jacek Brzeski from Warsaw, for the 4th year in a row, was one of the organizers of the event, responsible for recruiting and coordinating 500 volunteers involved in the event. Jacek and his team also launched a Facebook volunteer fan page for the event. DXC’s Agnieszka Pawłowska and Katarzyna Mackiewicz joined Jacek during the event and supported the Kid’s Corner, Transition Zone and Volunteering Tent activities.

In Wrocław, DXC employees actively volunteered as well, not only as runners but also as members of the City Organizing Committee. Magda Grodon was responsible for city volunteering team and Karolina Parobij for city marketing. Agata Jamrozy served as the City Project Manager for whole event, organizing a race for almost 4,000 runners. Agata has lead this organizing committee for three years in a row.

DXC is proud say that we were part of this amazing charity and competition. The DXC team of volunteers was amazing and the fun lasted all day!

Anna-Gregorczyk-headshotAnna Gregorczyk is NCE Employee Engagement Ambassador Program Coordinator for DXC in Poland.


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