DXC Cares: Eco Week in Bucharest

DXC’s Bucharest Center recently hosted an Eco Week event, the first edition of an annual program that aims to educate and sustain long-term eco-friendly behaviour among employees, through a week of workshops and activities.

We hope this program will have a significant impact on not just employees, but community as well. And we want to draw attention to several different environmental issues including pollution, deforestation, city garbage, waste of resources, and green space degradation. With these goals in mind, Eco Week was designed to respond to a few specific needs: lack of information regarding the concept of recycling, acquiring eco behaviour both inside and outside of the office, maintaining a healthier lifestyle and learning how to be an eco-ambassador.

This year’s Eco Week event, held September 11-14, was comprised of four amazing events:

  • Cleaning activities were held in the Bucharest Botanical Garden, where 16 volunteers collected dead leaves, raked piles of hay and planted 20 large chrysanthemums.
  • An Eco Brains workshop was held on the topics of ecology, the connection between humans and nature, recycling, and embracing a new way of looking at garbage.
  • An Eco Food workshop was held on nutrition and how to better take care of our bodies.
  • A Healthy Lifestyle workshop was held to teach us how to better take care of our soul.

80 DXC employees actively participated across these four workshops and volunteer activities, allowing themselves to breathe in a bit of fresh air during office hours.

On a personal note, I’m proud to be part of a great DXC community that cares about others’ needs. Happiness is a very complex emotion and it concerns both the self and others. Events like this help remind us of this – the importance of being more mindful of other people, nature, and animals. Choosing to care about all these things helps us get a true sense of what it means to be happy.

Alexandra-Mihalcea-headshotAlexandra Mihalcea is a Global Process Expert and Trainer at DXC. She has been with the company since 2011. A volunteer by heart, Alexandra donates her time whenever she can to bring to life amazing social projects.


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  1. Good Work Alexandra and all the team! I am really grateful that we have so nice events in our Bucharest hub. Keep on rollin’ and I can’t wait for the next events!

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