A focus on transformation: User group meeting sets sights on the future

By Sharad Khusal, Global Head, Life Sciences Build Team, DXC

The message for the life sciences industry is loud and clear: It must manage costs, demonstrate real-world value of its products, and find new ways to innovate and respond to customer demands.

It was a discussion that resonated during the Life Sciences User Group meeting held in Japan on December 5, 2017, which brought together DXC Technology customers and partners to discuss software strategy, particularly automation within the regulatory function, and to explore digitization of the life sciences value chain.

The meeting was held in a spacious conference room that had been given a modern, innovative look and feel by our partner, Amazon Web Services. As discussions got underway, I couldn’t help thinking how appropriate this setting was for our event, given the focus on transformation and future visions.

More than 50 attendees joined the session, including customers from tier-one and tier-two companies, to explore the regulatory challenges faced, the rise of smart technology such as wearables, and the steady transformation of business models in response to the burgeoning digital economy. At the heart of every discussion was the clear premise that organizations need to drive transformation through clinical innovation, by creating greater value for customers and by digitizing operations.

The digital journey

Today, digital is deeply entrenched in most people’s lives, and life sciences companies realize they must embrace digital technologies to stay relevant. Digital platforms enable collaboration, centralized data access and standardized processes, and they help companies engage with customers more seamlessly.

Digitization is helping to transform the life sciences enterprise, allowing companies to modernize without having to make heavy capital investments and giving business leaders better oversight to determine specific needs within their organizations. Digitization also expands big data analytics capabilities across the enterprise and facilitates intelligent automation through artificial intelligence capabilities.

These are some of the themes we discussed during the meeting, sharing our perspectives on industry trends: how they are shaping our direction as a business and the way we work with and support customers.

Our partners also showed how their offerings complemented ours and the value they bring in helping life sciences companies realize the transformation. After a demo showcasing key products and exploring some innovative prototyping we are doing, the floor was opened to a Q&A session in which attendees shared their views about what they liked and where they wanted to see improvements to address the challenges they continue to face. For example, attendees were keen to explore the details of our roadmaps in terms of how and when those capabilities of the digitization themes would be realized, e.g., Regulated Product Submission (RPS) 4.0. They also complimented DXC on successfully meeting its commitments in finally decoupling the Total Regulatory Solution to give users greater flexibility. For example, decoupling document type definition and validation, allowing clients to incorporate only those regions applicable to their business. Several participants expressed a hope that future commitments would be similarly met, and we intend to fulfill that promise. All in all, it was a productive and informative event, and I thank our partners and customers for their time and input.

Learn more about DXC’s Regulatory Business Automation Software suite and how we are guiding clients through their digital transformation journey and helping them harness the power of innovation.


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