DXC Cares: Supporting a day of fun for the children of Friedensdorf International

Friedensdorf at Schloss Beck

This fall, DXC employees in Germany were proud to support Friedensdorf International’s annual amusement park trip. Friedensdorf (Peacevillage) International is a charity which provides aid to children from war-torn regions across the globe. One of the charity’s three main areas of work is providing individual medical aid to children injured by war, treating them in Germany until their condition allows to them to safely return home.

Once a year, the children staying at the Friedensdorf are invited to spend a day at Schloss Beck, an amusement park built around an old castle in Bottrop, Germany. The directors of the park exclusively open the park for the children on this specific day. Members of our DXC team supported this year’s event among other volunteers and employees.

The day started at 8:30 a.m. at the Friedensdorf, where the children received differently colored scarves to show which group they belong to. Buses donated by a local bus company took the group to Bottrop. The children were full of anticipation during the whole ride. Once we arrived and passed the gates of the park, the first rides became visible and the kids became even more excited.

The operators of the rides were already awaiting the groups, who quickly split among the different rides. The kids had a great time on the rides, and wanted to go on them over and over again. Helpers were on hand to ensure that those children with physical impairments were able to enjoy the park as well. There was always something else to do in the event that a child was unable to go on a specific ride.

I enjoyed playing with the kids using an old digital camera I brought along. We photographed the others on the rides and it was hilarious explaining to them how to use buttons instead of sliding their fingers across a smartphone screen and expecting something to happen!

Around noon, the groups were invited to have lunch in the park, and then went back to play some more. Later, we all gathered in front of the castle and took some photos. Then a park director and the head of the Friedensdorf International spoke to the group. In the end, all of the children received farewell gifts. After a full day of fun and excitement, the children seemed not at all tired. When we got back to the Friedensdorf, they were full of joy! See their happy faces and knowing that they will remember this day for a long time is all one could wish for after a pleasant Monday at the park.

Jana Katherina Piller headshotJana Katherina Piller is a Release Manager in Apps Development and Integration at DXC. Jana joined the company in 2012 through the DualStudy program. Her first volunteer trip to the Friedensdorf was in 2013.


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