DXC Cares: Breast Cancer Awareness in the Baltics


Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in women worldwide, with nearly 1.7 million new cases were diagnosed in 2012. Survival rates for breast cancer vary across the globe, but have generally improved over time. This is due in part to progressive improvements in treatment strategies and earlier diagnoses in nations where populations have access to medical care.

Approach and engagement

Five years ago, DXC Baltic started an internal initiative called Pink Ribbon, during which we team up with Nedelsk (Do not delay), a Lithuanian breast cancer awareness organization that provides doctors specializing in early breast cancer detection. Every October, known worldwide as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Nedelsk brings a mobile medical clinic into our office and performs free ecoscopy procedures for as many DXC women as possible.

Our moto is that the best protection is early detection. We encourage the women of DXC to pay more attention to their health and to learn what they can about breast cancer prevention. During these checks, we encourage women to wear pink as sign of support and unity.


Over the course of the five years the program has been run, approximately 750 women have been checked for breast cancer. In addition, the Pink Ribbon initiative has hosted lectures to inform women about breast cancer prevention and provided posters and hand-outs throughout the DXC office for informational purposes. A “Pink Market” has also been organized where employees were encouraged to bring home made goods, sell them on the market and donate money to the Nedelsk organization.

This initiative has highly successful in DXC Baltic and expect it to continue for years to come. We are thankful to the women who have invested their time to help organize this initiative.

Dovilė Karsokaitė is a Professional Service Delivery Coordinator at DXC.

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