The war for (human) digital talent has just begun


DXC Technology has identified a half-dozen key trends it says will shape enterprise technology in 2018. They’re all important, and range from the emergence of common IT platforms to greater use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to increased cyber resilience.

But I wanted to focus on one particular trend flagged by Dan Hushon, the company’s CTO: The war for digital talent.

“The major digital re-platforming of the enterprise will signal a significant shift in demand for skills ranging from operating computers to information integration, analytics and information governance,” Hushon writes. “These digital skills are incredibly scarce and demand is high.”

This means enterprises must rely on technology solutions, along with some creative thinking and a reassessment of internal processes.

“To increase scale from a finite talent pool and maximize productivity, companies will need to leverage team-based distributed workplace platforms that use machine learning, intelligent automation, natural language processing and other technologies to drive productivity,” according to Hushon. “In addition, techniques such as crowdsourcing, bring your own teams, incubators and strategic talent acquisition via ‘acquihires’ are on the rise to access talent.” (Acquihiring is when a company buys another enterprise not for its products or services, but for its human resources.)

In other words, these technologies will evolve from being mere tools to almost being team members, helping enterprise employees by making suggestions, providing alternatives, and finding solutions to workplace challenges.

That being said, until such time that AI and machine learning progress to the point that they can replace humans, organizations will rise and fall based on the skill set and initiative of real live people. Or as Hushon concludes, “Talent will decide who wins and loses in the next decade.”


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