Rethinking your vision statement by “starting with why”


I just finished watching a seminal Ted Talk.

I consider it seminal because it helped me resolve a long-standing dissatisfaction I have with the typical organization’s vision statement. Here are a couple examples:

Be the Governments’ transformation partner of choice helping them to achieve their business, mission, & policy outcomes.

 Be the government’s trusted advisor in managing strategic technology programs.

Now there’s nothing wrong with those words as written. They’re just not complete, or meaningful. In fact, they’re reminiscent of buzzword bingo.

If I were to craft a vision statement for company in the government industry, I’d keep the above Ted Talk in mind and start with why. With that approach, I’d likely come up with something along the lines of:

We believe in good government.

We believe good government makes critical contributions to America.

We believe in good government getting better every day to meet the ever-changing needs of the American people, American businesses, and the American way of life.

We exist to help good government get better every day by mastering the art of continuous transformation.

Our vision is to be the government’s transformation partner of choice, helping them to continuously improve their business, mission and policy outcomes.

Now that’s a vision statement that speaks to me.


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