Why you need Service Integration and Management (SIAM)


Smart companies understand that the cloud has changed the business paradigm. Businesses working on their digital transformations tend to use multiple cloud providers to reduce costs and become more agile while continuing to manage traditional services. Some may provision Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure for testing or running workloads and infrastructure more efficiently; and many deploy multiple SaaS providers for various office productivity and business applications.

Too often the IT department doesn’t have visibility into all these applications or a way to manage them properly. They don’t know where the services are underperforming or whether suppliers are meeting their obligations.

Moving to a Service Integration and Management (SIAM) approach can help organizations manage their hybrid IT environments. The value lies in the management of suppliers, products and services at reduced costs while improving performance – but those benefits are just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are five benefits SIAM offers innovative companies:

  • Unique Customer Experience – Change the business’s perception of IT by positioning it as the solution, not the problem. Increase customer satisfaction by easing the consumption of products as well as IT services.
  • Speed & Agility – Meet business demand by rapidly onboarding and offboarding suppliers/services.
  • Efficiency & Stability – Improve operational performance through reduced outages. This can be achieved through improved supplier collaboration, allowing for increased focus on the core business.
  • Control & Transparency – Continual service improvement reduces risk and ensures end-to-end transparency enabling increased business outcome successes.
  • Responsive Sourcing Strategy – Support business process through consumption-based models; harmonize service levels end-to-end.

Forging a Successful SIAM Strategy 

How does business-aligned SIAM help? In many instances, customer executives don’t know exactly what SIAM is and the value it can bring to their organizations. They also struggle over whether to build it internally or buy those services externally. We believe SIAM should function primarily as business model, and not as a service or delivery model like ESM/ITSM.

Companies looking to deploy SIAM should look for a provider that helps clients manage and integrate services, products and partners in a model where the customer maintains commercial and contractual flexibility.

In such a role, the provider can become an integral part of a customer’s IT ecosystem.

If you’re working with DXC, our approach to SIAM starts with a ‘rapid workshop,’ during which our account and sales executives meet with the customer’s top executives to outline SIAM’s benefits. Next steps include a diagnostic workshops and a higher-level meeting with the goal of creating an operating model and transformation roadmap.

DXC’s SIAM team aims to help organizations gain added business benefits and management efficiencies, while reducing costs. We will engage with executives at your organization, helping deliver tactical quick wins, as well as forming a long-term strategy that fits in with the your digital transformation journey.


This is the first in a series of SIAM blogs.


Amanda-Roberts-headshotAmanda Roberts, a results-driven global leader with extensive experience in IT, business and process knowledge across multiple industries, is Global Offering Manager at DXC for Service Integration and Management (SIAM), which supports multi-supplier cloud and hybrid environments. She has a proven track record in strategy, development and implementation of high value, end-to-end IT solutions.


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