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Szlachetna Paczka (Noble Box) is one of the most popular charity projects in Poland and provided aid to poor families during Christmas holidays since 2001. The organization identifies families affected by poverty, visits them and asks what they need the most. Then, every November, a precise description of each family and their needs is placed in an anonymous database on their website. From there, donors can choose a family that they would like to assist by themselves or as a group of friends.

DXC employees have participated in the Noble Box initiative many times and this year was no different. In mid-November, the company’s employees chose 11 families to help through the program. Employees from whole Poland wanted to participate. Marek Hyb, one of our NCE Employee Engagement Ambassadors, took leadership of this initiative. He engaged coordinators who were responsible for encouraging other coworkers to gather all the products that were on the families’ lists and deliver a package according to their needs.

These families needed basic things to survive: from food, clothes and cleaning products to furniture such as bed, closet, chairs, fridges, washing machines, or heating oil or wood for winter. Children dreamt about toys and candies. This was a real challenge since everything had to be gathered by the 8th of December, but we successfully collected all the needed goods and completed the 11 Noble Boxes. In total, we estimate a contribution of more than $17,000 in collected goods!

The DXC Noble Box Team consisted of employees from Warsaw, Łódź, Wrocław. In true DXC fashion, the team placed Excel spreadsheets with each family’s list on Sharepoint to track what every volunteer planned to buy and when it was confirmed to be purchased.

Boxes were placed in the office where people could put their gifts or donate money to buy the more expensive products. In some cases, employees engaged their friends and families to ensure that all the needs were fulfilled. Remote DXC employees located in other cities made transfers to donate. To increase engagement, the team organized Christmas Sweet Charity Fairs in Łódź, Warsaw and Wrocław.

I wanted to say a big thank you to DXC’s Noble Box coordinators and to the more than 1,000 people from DXC Poland who supported this initiative. Often, the Noble Box is the only way families can get help or receive Christmas presents. There is a lot joy when the gifts are received, as many are surprised that another person or group can manage to make a full Noble Box with everything they needed!

Anna Gregorczyk is DXC’s NCE Employee Engagement Ambassador Coordinator for Poland.


  1. Pavel Stanev says:

    Very impressive work DXC Poland!

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