What multiculturalism can teach us about business partnerships

At an early age, I learned the lesson of bringing two distinct entities together in unity. Growing up in a bilingual and bicultural family taught me the importance of partnership and the value of inclusion, which I consider a learned skill. Although my background includes two distinct cultures, that does not create two separate personas, but rather those facets of my character come together as one.

We use a very similar mindset when we approach any matter in the business world. Hitachi Vantara’s partnership with DXC Technology, for example, is centered around mutually beneficial individual parties, who come together in a synergistic sense to produce outcomes that are bigger and better than they would have been otherwise.

When people and organizations are brought together to solve problems, the partnerships are strengthened when there are inherent similarities. With my family, it was the desire to create new outcomes — with DXC and Hitatchi Vantara, it’s creating data driven solutions aimed at making customers not just happy, but more successful in the market places in which they operate.

Through partnering, DXC and Hitatchi Vantara teams have tailored solutions to the needs of customers as different as US financial organizations and large aerospace organizations in the UK. We do this through early engagement and by relating to business outcomes —and doing both as a unified front. There is an enhanced range of solutions across the two companies because of the power of collaboration; and though there we are individual entities, we act as one partnership because of deeply embedded cultural similarities within the two organizations.

The lessons I learned at a very early age are reinforced through every aspect of collaboration. When there is common ground, there is a basis for connection, and hence, an opportunity to improve and evolve together. By analyzing similarities and comparing differences, and then highlighting the overlap, we can gain a deeper understanding from our partners. There are important similarities between the opportunities that exist for strengthening organizations and those that exist for strengthening relationships. I’ve learned through bridging gaps in dialogue, I can help connect the people around me, and through creating bridges between organizations, we create the potential for innovative solutions.

Michelle Barragan headshotMichelle Barragan is an Americas Partner Executive at Hitachi Vantara where she leads a team of people with a mission to drive the transformation of what Hitachi sells, and how they go to market. She lives in Northern California.

This guest post is provided by Hitatchi Vantara, a member of the DXC Partner Network. Hitatchi Vantara is your partner for digital transformation today and tomorrow to modernize faster, monetize more and innovate for tomorrow with the only integrated data management portfolio that unlocks the value of your unstructured data – from legacy to emerging technology.

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