A look at the DXC Technology and Hitachi Vantara partnership

I’ve been working for decades either as a product manager or technology leader, yet I find that the most powerful time for partnerships is right now.

For all of us, there is a shift happening toward maximizing the value of data for our businesses. Customers, and society at large, are faced with increasing disruption.  Traditional companies are investing in software to make their hardware smarter and more connected. As a result, we believe every company must now be a technology company. For many, that means they must fundamentally transform their business and operations.

Becoming a technology company means embracing innovation and connectivity. Through cultivating a culture that is solution-oriented, and creating communities that are founded in collaboration, organizations can leverage data insights via sophisticated tools with data-driven action.

According to McKinsey, 90% of digital leaders (versus 60 percent of all leaders) have fully integrated digital into their strategic planning process. In fact, more than two-thirds of the executives surveyed were investing heavily in data analytics according to a recent survey by Bain and 40% expect significantly positive returns on advanced analytics investments.

Additionally, only five years ago the World Economic Forum predicted that data would be its own asset and since that time companies have been collecting more than 23 zettabytes of data, which is expected to double by 2020. That’s a big data environment, but what about a REALLY big data environment?

We believe that many companies are now swimming in data but many are still searching for insight. Only a select few have found out how to fully leverage the value of their data. That’s because in many cases, they’ve lacked the right partner.

That’s where the Hitachi and DXC Technology partnership comes in. We are guides, creators, designers, engineers and experts committed to designing and delivering data-driven solutions for people who see data as an opportunity. These are people who see through the complexity and noise to recognize ways to transform their business and improve the impact they make on the world.

We give you data-driven solutions in the ways that work best for your business challenge. We see ourselves as guides, creators, and engineers who are there to help identify the best path to transformation. We bring our toolbox of foundational technologies and expertise to co-create the best solution to maximizing your data.

Michael Walker is a Global Solutions Director, at Hitachi Vantara where he leads a team of architects with a mission to drive the transformation of what Hitachi sells, and how they go to market his interests outside of work include boating, skiing, and spending time with his friends and family, and he lives in North Carolina in the US.

This guest post is provided by Hitachi Vantara, a member of the DXC Partner Network. Hitachi Vantara is your partner for digital transformation today and tomorrow to modernize faster, monetize more and innovate for tomorrow with the only integrated data management portfolio that unlocks the value of your unstructured data – from legacy to emerging technology.

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