Digital platform is the new “Answer for Everything”


This might be showing my age, but all this messaging around “digital this and digital that” reminds me of Douglas Adams’ great trilogy in five parts, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, in which the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is “42.” To be fair though, it does seem to be an interesting number (thanks Wikipedia!).

Until recently, the Answer in the IT world seemed to be “cloud.” This is now changing, however, to the more encompassing “digital platform.” This is an important shift because it recognizes that simply implementing certain technologies (like a cloud-based approach) won’t be enough to succeed in a world that is transforming every day. Instead, the concept of digital needs to be viewed as change that impacts every element of the business.

In manufacturing, for example, there is data that can be turned into information and shared collaboratively, right from product inception, the supply chain, manufacturing and on into service support care.

Integrated Information

Those that embrace the possibilities of a digital platform to help drive the concept of integrated information in the larger ecosystem will be more likely to successfully break into new business opportunities and better able to react to market forces and drivers.

In some ways, integrated production systems is an ‘old’ message but, with today’s improvements in digital platform capabilities and the advancement of Industry 4.0, it is finally becoming a reality. The lifecycle can now be quality and insight driven in real (or near real) time across the whole manufacturing business.

Integrated Production Systems – Quality Driven

All of this, and more, is possible through the adoption of a digital platform by deploying tools, communities, ecosystems and a technology platform; and embracing digital transformation to bring information into the fabric of every transaction with a client, partner, employee and process.

Philip Mullis headshotPhil Mullis is DXC’s chief technologist for the manufacturing, construction and services sector in the UK and Ireland. He’s a sought-after advisor to the regional technical and business communities, bringing technology insight to transformative solutions that drive the outcomes that matter to the enterprise.

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