HIMSS18 Survivor Kit Part 1 – Best foot forward: Comfortable shoes get the seal of approval

Your feet will be doing a lot of work, so be prepared! Nothing will flag your enthusiasm faster than physical fatigue and poor planning – as seasoned conference attendees know all too well.

We asked #HIMSS18 ambassadors for their #1 tip for first-time attendees at HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition. We had a small tweet storm, which resulted in awesome tips and engagement which we’ll present in a series of blog posts in the run up to HIMSS18.

  1. Via ‪@BFMack: My #1 Tip – Make a plan. ‪#HIMSS18 is massive and CAN be overwhelming. There’s no way to see and do it all. Use tools like the ‪@HIMSS online App and conference website for advance planning. Create a schedule & leave time to just walk the floor and to REST!
  2. Comfortable shoes are a must. Wear outfits that can easily transition from show floor to cocktail hour to evening events, you will not be making it back to your room. Follow the ‪#HIMSS18 SMAs on Twitter & have fun!
    Max Stroud‏ ‪@MMaxwellStroud
  3. I have a couple pairs of Skechers. Vital. Still can’t believe 90s skaters shoes are 10s comfy dress shoes. ‪#HIMSS18
    Brian Eastwood‏ ‪@Brian_Eastwood
  4. Budget 2x the time you think you need to get from one place to another. Agfa has the best coffee on the expo hall floor. Healthy snacks are few and far between. When you see them, pounce. There is no such thing as too many business cards. ‪#HIMSS18
    Brian Eastwood‏ ‪@Brian_Eastwood
  5. Absolutely PilotFish Toy. Seek out booths with water! Don’t forget mints! Love the pens. Las Vegas is LOTS of walking. Bring comfy shoes and EmergenC. Pace yourself!!!!
    Linda Stotsky‏ ‪@EMRAnswers
  6. Understand that you will be overwhelmed walking into any area for the first time. Hard to understand sheer size. Then remember to relax & talk to people. ‪#HIMSS18
    Matt Fisher‏ ‪@Matt_R_Fisher
  7. Plan what to do and where to go. Set a ‪#calendly Lots of battery packs. A water container and comfy shoes. ‪#HIMSS18
    Danielle Siarri‏ ‪@innonurse
  8. First time at ‪@HIMSS ‪#himss18 I recommend getting a buddy or friend/ and sign up for the star service http://www.himssconference.org/about/general-info/himss-star-service
    janae sharp‏ ‪@CoherenceMed
  9. Shoes! Major key! Or else your feet will be barking!!! Oh yeah- and hydrate! Vegas is dry- especially if you have a couple of dehydrating adult beverages!
    JAL Consult‏ ‪@judithconsult
  10. Another thing is a comfortable bag (backpack IMO) to carry everything that has been mentioned. Can’t walk around with it all in your hands. ‪#HIMSS18
    Matt Fisher‏ ‪@Matt_R_Fisher
  11. Remember to keep a flexible schedule and I loved when ‪@HealthcareWen kept “office hours” and let folks know where they could find her ‪#HIMSS18
    Tamara StClaire‏ ‪@drstclaire
  12. My tips: Carry a water bottle (especially in Vegas), bring 2 charging batteries, create a list of booths you want to visit ahead of time, put all the ‪#HIMSS18 sessions/meetups/meetings into your calendar, comfy shoes, fabreeze. My feet hurt thinking about all the walking
    Colin Hung‏ ‪@Colin_Hung
  13. My HIMSS gameplan always entails a 3 part strategy. 1. Pre-conference, 2. During the conference, and 3. Post-conference. 1 = a little prep goes a long way. 2 = be a ninja; remember to connect and have meaningful engagements; and no, you won’t get it all done. 3 = master the art of follow-ups.
    Rasu Shrestha, MD. MBA @RasuShrestha

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  1. […] for their #1 tip for first-time attendees at HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition. They received a small tweet storm of awesome tips and engagement which DXC will present in a series of blog posts in the run up to […]

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