Making all-in-one-day precision medicine a reality with federated view of datasets

By Pritam Potnis

The push toward personalized and precision medicine has led to some exciting breakthroughs for cancer patients. It’s now widely understood that treatment effectiveness and the cancer signature can vary widely, even among people with the same type of cancer.

The objective of the latest innovations is to help patients receive a personalized diagnosis and treatment plan within a short period of time. This can be achieved through primary sequencing, which takes place when a patient visits his or her doctor, as well as individual genomic sequencing. Disease-causing genes are identified, and a pathway is created to determine genetically targeted drugs, if available, for that patient.

The potential is huge, but so too is the amount of data involved. Just one patient’s genomic sequencing generates about one terabyte of raw data per year. Now consider the amount of data that would be involved with 1,000 patients, which would amount to a petabyte, and it’s clear that moving all these datasets to a central location to do sequencing can’t be done by simply transferring data from one disk to another, since that would take days.

Secure data sharing

A better way needed to be found for securely sharing that data with the scientists and physicians involved, and the many different systems this entails, to allow for collaboration. By aggregating these datasets into a federated view, it becomes possible to present a 360-degree view of the patient to all stakeholders. And if this information can be shared quickly and securely, it’s easier for the teams involved to see the primary sequencing and secondary analysis data, as well as treatment options to drive precision medicine.

Until recently, the technology hasn’t been available to provide a quick but secure, federated view of the data. But advances in digital platforms are changing the face of precision medicine and helping to make cutting-edge concepts reality.

Pritam Potnis is the senior global product manager for DXC’s Open Health Connect solution.  He is part of the core group that developed the solution from concept to market. He’s responsible for providing product management leadership to product teams globally, managing product roadmaps, strategic customer outreach and product positioning and messaging.


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