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Humans are creatures of habit, and this is especially true when it comes to the way we use software and perform routine tasks.

Once we become familiar with a certain way of getting something done, it’s hard to let go. Consider that well-used and loved (sometimes hated) spreadsheet you keep on your desktop. Even though it generates reports that are outdated by the time you finish entering data, it’s become such a part of your routine you just can’t let it go. Or can you?

I can’t speak to every business software solution, but with Workday’s dashboard features, which are part of Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), companies have a number of compelling reasons to abandon those rows and cells for reporting that’s comprehensive, fast and current. Below are top tips and benefits to using dashboards in Workday.

What dashboards do

Workday dashboards consolidate key management information and actionable items in one location. This gives you immediate visibility into your overall performance and will help you make better informed decisions and strategies.

Here’s a small sampling of the categories that are available:

  • Auditing
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Profitability
  • Revenue metrics
  • Sales performance
  • Human capital reporting

Use cases

You can use dashboards in some interesting ways. For example, how often have you waited for key financial data so you can assemble a report that lets you track your spending with your budget? Dashboards in Workday Financial Management let you see instantly how current spending compares to your plan.

Or maybe you want to monitor employee performance because you have a review cycle coming up across your business. Workday HCM has a number of pre-built reports and dashboards that display current scorecards, actual-to-plan reports, and analytics to understand both where your employees are and where you’re headed.

You’re benefitting not only from the most current data, but also from the fact that everyone is operating on a single system. Workday continues to add depth and breadth in its reporting and analytics, which means you’re gaining access to more intelligence with each release — and all this information is accessible on any device.

Custom-built dashboards

You might question whether there’s a pre-built dashboard in the system that truly fits your needs – but Workday enables you to create an unlimited number of custom-built dashboards across its applications. And it’s simple.

Here are four easy steps to create a custom dashboard:

  1. Decide who needs to see the dashboard, then add the existing group of people (for example, managers and HR), or define a new security group (i.e., “Managers in North America”).
  2. Create your custom dashboard.
  3. Create report tags and add these to your reports. For example, any report that has a compensation component can be tagged “Compensation.” When you filter by that tag, all of your compensation-related reports will show up in a single list.
  4. Create report worklets, which are shortcuts that give you instant access to a report. The worklet can be added to your dashboard.

As you can see, there’s a tremendous amount of power available at your fingertips, and even though it’s different than “the way we’ve always done things,” the small effort it takes to learn how to use pre-built and custom dashboards is well worth it.

Learn more about Workday’s dashboard features through a variety of customer training options.

Register for the DXC Accelerated Implementation for Workday live webcast to discover how you can provide employees with flexible, easy-to-use HCM and payroll services.

Kendra-Cobbins-headshotKendra Cobbins is a Functional Consultant at DXC Technology. With over 7 years of experience with Workday, Kendra is certified in Core HCM, Benefits, Project Management, Talent Performance and Recruiting.


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