HIMSS18 Survivor Kit Part 2 – Eat, meditate, exercise: Putting health back into the healthcare meeting

While it may take some self-discipline, staying fit, healthy and mentally agile should be priorities during a healthcare conference.

We asked #HIMSS18 ambassadors for their #1 tip for first-time attendees at HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition. We had a small tweet storm, which resulted in awesome tips and engagement which we’ll present in a series of blog posts in the run up to HIMSS18.

  1. Find a way to make sure you find a local yoga or dance class or lift weights. Even with walking the conference floor- work out. It’s a healthcare conference where people party and – are not healthy. I’ve talked to lots of people about that.
    janae sharp‏ ‪@CoherenceMed
  2. Believe it or not, I’ve successfully managed runs in Vegas. The keys are avoiding the Strip, and going early in the a.m. before the crowds come out. There are some decent places to get a couple miles in!
    Amy Bucher‏ ‪@amybphd
  3. Would like to know those. HIMSS16 was both my first HIMSS and first time to Vegas, so “ran” the strip. Early morning so not many people, but too many street crossings. ‪#HIMSS18
    Matt Fisher‏ ‪@Matt_R_Fisher
  4. Yep. I found that in Vegas you really had to stay on the strip or you’d get lost. There are times you have to cross the street and go up and over the street (stair training!), but it was fun. ‪#runner ‪#vegasatdawn ‪#HIMSS18
    Amy Landry‏ ‪@AmyinMaine
  5. 75% of the reason I use Runkeeper is so I can retrace my steps on a map when I get lost . . . which is often. ‪#directionallychallenged.
    Amy Bucher‏ ‪@amybphd
  6. If you go behind the Strip toward the convention center, it’s ugly but basically uninterrupted. Or, run off Strip toward the Rio for a slightly more scenic option.
    Amy Bucher‏ ‪@amybphd
  7. I’ve certainly been to, & greatly enjoyed, many evening receptions over the years (attending since 90s). So my ‪#HIMSS18 tip may seem to border on blasphemy. But last couple years I’ve avoided temptations maybe leading to staying out late , so as to get a good nights sleep
    Chuck Webster MD #HIMSS18 Social Media Ambassador‏ ‪@wareFLO
  8. Think recharging – your body and batteries! Lots of food, coffee, water and battery packs – then plan a good mani pedi for when you get home to recharge your feet. ‪#HIMSS18
    Geeta Nayyar, MD MBA‏ ‪@gnayyar


  1. Our bodies and minds are integrated. Think positive and act positively.

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