HIMSS18 Survivor Kit Part 3 – Food for Thought: Nutrition, Caffeine and Sleep

There’s lots to see and do during the week, so rest and nutrition are important. Recharge your batteries with portable snacks and water, take time out for coffee stops and don’t forget your actual battery chargers.

We asked #HIMSS18 ambassadors for their #1 tip for first-time attendees at HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition. We had a small tweet storm, which resulted in awesome tips and engagement which we’ll present in a series of blog posts in the run up to HIMSS18.

  1. Bring portable food. Always long lines for food and no time to get “off campus”. It’s my HIMSS secret weapon.
    Deven McGraw‏ ‪@HealthPrivacy
  2. I do this! I bring little meal kits that do not require refrigeration. Each has a can of tuna or chicken salad, some crackers, a small dish of fruit, and a plastic spoon. (I’ve been known to hand them out to needy ‪#HIMSS18 attendees!)
    Chuck Webster MD #HIMSS18 Social Media Ambassador‏ ‪@wareFLO
  3. Worth noting that many other booths will have coffee. Someone who’s enterprising ought to make a ‪#HIMSS18 expo hall floor map complete with coffee stops…
    Brian Eastwood‏ ‪@Brian_Eastwood
  4. YES! And also evening happy hours.
    Amy Bucher‏ ‪@amybphd
  5. Bring portable food Always long lines for food and no time to get “off campus”. It’s my HIMSS secret weapon.
    Deven McGraw‏ ‪@HealthPrivacy
  6. Friends don’t let friends operate HIMSS whilst hangry.
    Melody Smith Jones‏ ‪@MelSmithJones
  7. Think recharging – your body and batteries! Lots of food, coffee, water and battery packs – then plan a good mani pedi for when you get home to recharge your feet. ‪#HIMSS18
    Geeta Nayyar, MD MBA‏ ‪@gnayyar
  8. And Water! It may just be me but I get so thirsty and water is always a loooong walk away!!
    Linda Stotsky‏ ‪@EMRAnswers
  9. Hmm. Have always had good luck with filling up my water bottle at fountains.
    Deven McGraw‏ ‪@HealthPrivacy
  10. My favorite reception was ‪@drstclaire while at IBM. Great engaging convo, yummy food and awesome women! Agree with above. Get a good night’s sleep. I also avoid parties bc of this.
    Linda Stotsky‏ ‪@EMRAnswers
  11. My tips: Carry a water bottle (especially in Vegas), bring 2 charging batteries, create a list of booths you want to visit ahead of time, put all the ‪#HIMSS18 sessions/meetups/meetings into your calendar, comfy shoes, fabreeze. My feet hurt thinking about all the walking
    Colin Hung‏ ‪@Colin_Hung


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