From sports broadcasting to the hospital: Augmented reality made real

By Pritam Potnis

The world of augmented reality, which is best known for changing the face of sports TV viewing and Pokémon GO, is dipping its toes into the world of healthcare. And, in the hospital, the potential for changing the bedside interaction between the care team and the patient is profound.

Here’s a typical hospital scenario: A clinician walks into a ward with four beds. The clinician picks up notes from the end of the patient’s bed and discusses with the care team what treatments have been administered, what vital signs have been recorded, and so on. Usually it’s a methodical process, with the team going from one bed to the next.

Information by sensor

But imagine if — instead of consulting notes — the clinical team received clear information as they entered the ward. While approaching the ward, a proximity sensor gives out information about the patients in that ward. A green, amber or red visual notification immediately tells the care team which of these patients needs immediate and in-depth attention. As the clinician gets closer to the patient, information about that patient is sent to the clinician’s mobile device.

Ultimately, the goal will be to deliver this information through smart glasses, so that as the clinical team approaches the patient, they are given an augmented reality view of critical health data relevant to the patient. The clinician or nurse can then drill down into specific issues in that augmented reality view, empowering them with patient information that they don’t need to read off a sheet of paper or carry around.

Augmented reality has the potential to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date information about the patient to the care team when and where they need it, and in an unobtrusive way, allowing them to focus on their engagement with the patient.

Pritam Potnis is the senior global product manager for DXC’s Open Health Connect solution.  He is part of the core group that developed the solution from concept to market. He’s responsible for providing product management leadership to product teams globally, managing product roadmaps, strategic customer outreach and product positioning and messaging.


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