HIMSS18 Survivor Kit Part 4 – The write stuff: Getting your hands on the best swag

From pens to stuffed toys, the conference is awash with giveaways that are memorable and practical. Keep your eye out for innovative swag, and don’t forget to stay hydrated! (Don’t forget to stop by DXC booth 1617 for some swag and chance to win a Fitbit!)

We asked #HIMSS18 ambassadors for their #1 tip for first-time attendees at HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition. We had a small tweet storm, which resulted in awesome tips and engagement which we’ll present in a series of blog posts in the run up to HIMSS18.

Absolutely PilotFish Toy. Seek out booths with water! Don’t forget mints! Love the pens. Las Vegas is LOTS of walking. Bring comfy shoes and EmergenC. Pace yourself!!!!
Linda Stotsky‏ ‪@EMRAnswers

Wonderful stuffed animals from ‪@pilotfishhealth! ‪#HIMSS18 BTW Pilot Fish was an early applier of workflow tech to data orchestration ‪#PragmaticInteroperability ‪#Interoperability
Chuck Webster MD #HIMSS18 Social Media Ambassador‏ ‪@wareFLO

I like just photographing a nametag with the person and skipping the nametag. We should have food updates. Best swag. Every year my kids want a ‪@pilotfishhealth stuffed animal.
janae sharp‏ ‪@CoherenceMed

Swag isn’t just for my kids (numerous stuffed animals = great free gift). My wife loves when I come home from conferences loaded up with pens. ‪#HIMSS18
Matt Fisher‏ ‪@Matt_R_Fisher

Looking forward to coming home with lots of Pens! Social workers need pens (Imagine so do lawyers 😉 ‪#HIMSS18 ‪#HIMSS18swag
Sean (#ExtendCHIP) Erreger, LCSW‏ ‪@StuckonSW

I donated mine to school teachers in my neighborhood! They so love them!!!
JAL Consult‏ ‪@judithconsult

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