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It’s absolutely critical to any enterprise employees who want to increase their value in a rapidly evolving workplace to anticipate what opportunities will be available in the future and how their skill sets will fit into the larger picture — and then to make the proper adjustments. Otherwise they’re in danger of sliding into irrelevancy.

That being said, people also have to make employment decisions based on what’s happening right now! This includes those who work directly with enterprise technology. If you’re wondering what the current salaries are for enterprise IT workers, the job site CareerBuilder continually aggregates data on average compensation for thousands of different jobs across the U.S., including salaries in different regions of the country.

On the site you can find data from 22 different industries and job categories, including technology, architecture and engineering, business operations, office and administrative, healthcare, education, transportation, and manufacturing.

The technology category alone covers more than 40 specific positions, from IT directors to apps developers to sysadmins. I’ve listed a few below for your convenience, but you can click on the link above to find out a lot more information about how much tech jobs are paying around the U.S. The latter figure in each category is for the city with the highest-paying median salary.

IT director

  • U.S. average: $140,000
  • New York: $179,500

Information systems manager

  • U.S. average: $140,000
  • New York: $173,000

Computer scientist

  • U.S. average: $115,000
  • San Jose: $139,500

Applications developer

  • U.S. average: $95,000
  • San Francisco: $141,000

Database administrator

  • U.S. average: $85,000
  • Washington, D.C.: $107,500

Network manager

  • U.S. average: $80,000
  • Washington, D.C.: $106,500

Help desk analyst

  • U.S. average: $50,000
  • San Francisco: $67,500

One flaw in how CareerBuilder breaks out its salary data for technology jobs is that it doesn’t list newer and emerging positions for areas such as mobile technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning or data science, though you can use those terms to search for specific job listings.

I did find some of that data on by searching for specific job titles. For example, the average salary listed on that job site for mobile developers is $106,831 in the U.S. And an in-depth pull-down menu allows users to get really granular by searching for average salaries for a specific job category across hundreds of U.S. cities.

Other tech-related job salaries I found on include machine learning engineer ($135,133), data scientist ($129,761) and chief information officer ($121,831). No such luck for anything related to AI or IoT, unfortunately. I feel I’ve failed you.

Still, I hope this information and these links will help tech workers reading this to get a handle on what their skills and experience are worth, as well as what specific jobs are available. It pays to know that kind of information!

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